"What else is new?" I mumbled, once again wrapping my arms around my middle in the search for comfort. "I'm quickly coming to terms with the fact that I've never been really safe."

Three people could fit between us right now, as he looked at me closely, the night around him darkening his facial features with crippling fear.

At least, I was pretty sure he was really scared. I could feel it in the hard throbbing of my heart and the adrenaline in my veins. His veins. Whatever. The borders between us appeared increasingly indistinct.

"I tried to soften the blow by not dealing with it on my own, when he had you in his control," Max said. "Most importantly, at that point, he could have hurt you just to spite me."

Max was referring to earlier today, when he had found Sean and I in the gym.

"You left me to get help," I realized succinctly.

"I needed humans," Max said. "He can't do anything in front of humans. There would be too many minds to erase afterwards. He would be forced to let you go. Besides..." Max smiled. He actually smiled in the light of everything. "Sergeant could use some bad rep. And if - when - it gets out that his son tried to force himself on a girl, and possibly even drugged her, it won't look too good."

I almost rolled my eyes at Max's small moment of retaliation, even though worry struck me as he basically reinforced what I had already suspected. "And Sean will get an earful from his father, I'm sure." Max nodded and I added, "My drug test was negative, by the way."

His features softened. "Of course it was. They don't test for alien mumbo jumbo."

I smiled weakly even though worry drifted through me. "So how would he - we - explain why I was so weak?"

Max inhaled, looked away and slowly shook his head. "Let them come up with an explanation. It's not our problem."

I frowned. "But it is." I put my arms around my middle. "I mean, do I report him, or what? Do your people expect me to report him, because that's what a human would do...?"

He glanced back at me and answered, rather reluctantly, "Your father has already filed a report."

I froze. Oh, no. Why hadn't dad told me that when we had gotten home from the hospital? Because I had asked him not to report it?

"Will they do something to my dad because of it?" I whispered, barely getting the words out through the fear numbing my body.

Max met my eyes and I could sense reassurance through the connection as he said softly, "Probably not. They wouldn't involve another one." He took a deep breath and added, "It's probably for the best anyway, that your dad reported Sean. It would look suspicious without a report."

"But Sean-" I started.

"The sergeant will make this go away." He looked over towards the dark horizon and mumbled, "I can't say what that will mean for us, but-" he looked back at me, his eyes dark and bottomless, "-if you found Sean frightening before, he's gonna be worse now."

My heart skipped a beat.

"That's why I needed to get you out here, tonight. To warn you. And-," he looked down at his shoes in the sand, "-I was hoping that you might have an idea on how to solve this."

But of course, I didn't have a solution to all of this.

Instead I needed to know, "Does your father know what happened this morning?" I was hoping the answer would be 'no', but I've learned that word had a way to get around the alien community; almost faster than the Rumor Mill of Roswell High. Which was saying a lot.

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