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My eyes sprung open in surprised shock and I found myself enveloped by glitter.

I blinked, acutely aware of the buzz in my mind - like white noise - and quickly assessed my surroundings.

No, it wasn't glitter. But it could easily be mistaken for it since the air around me seemed to shimmer. Almost sparkle. Judging by my difficulty to see the details of the people around me, I suspected that there was some kind of barrier between me and them. Like the alien force field.

But when I looked down at Max, I realized that he was with me on the 'inside' because his eyes were clear and distinct as they connected with mine.

The sight of his eyes, being wide open, gave me a jolt and my lungs sharply expanded.

My throat instantly clogged up, my eyes filled with tears, and all I could manage was a mentally whispered, Hi, while my mind was going insane. Uncontrolled happiness was exploding inside of me, making my thoughts scream at each other in some comical inner dialogue of ecstasy.

Oh my God. He's awake. He's awake.

He's here.

Did I heal him? Is he okay?

And so on.

The next second, when he lifted his hand to shakily brush it against my cheek, and his eyes glittered with emotion and awe, my mind grew silent and my tears spilled down my cheeks as my eyes drifted closed in relieved disbelieving gratitude.

The trembles of his hand against my face accentuated the fact that I myself was quavering.

The world outside of our shimmering bubble didn't exist. It was only the two of us. Now more than ever before.

I lifted my hand to cradle the back of his against my cheek, pressing myself against his presence. Trying to absorb him through my skin. Through that simple point of contact.

But it was nothing simple. Something powerful, something very tangible, was growing and pulsating where our skin touched.

"You're glowing."

His voice was subdued, barely there, thick and raspy. As if he hadn't used it for years. But it was music to my ears. It flowed against my essence like the smoothest of chocolate.

It made me open my eyes again to look at him. I wondered if he had even blinked during these few seconds, or if his eyes had remained strictly attached to my face.

Hearing his voice brought me back to reality. Made it all the more real. Made every emotion that I had been keeping a firm lid on boil over. Which is why it suddenly all became too much. The fear, the pain, the worry, the relief, and the pure happiness.

My wet face brushed against his as I leaned forward and buried my face into the crook of his neck. My sobs were loud and violent, shaking my body, burning through my chest.

I pushed my hands beneath his neck, behind his shoulders, and pulled him closer. Clinging to him. I was acutely aware of my weight on top of his chest. I was afraid that I was hurting him, but at the same time I couldn't get myself to consider that he might not be fully healed. That there might still be a hole in him. That he had contacted me through our bond 'too early' and thus interrupting the healing process.

I didn't want to look at his abdomen and find out that he might only be conscious for a short while, before his injury would end him. I didn't want to entertain the possibility that this might be his final goodbye.

Because there was a very real possibility that my energy - and the energy supplied by Dresden and Alex - had only been enough to bring Max back to consciousness.

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