It was the only way to protect Max. To keep us both alive.

His head snapped to mine and in two large steps, he had grabbed me by the shoulders, his pupils large and blazing with anger. But his voice was low and even as he decided, "Hell no."

"You said so yourself, just a second ago," I whispered, my cheeks feeling oddly tight from the drying tears. "It's meant to be. I was never supposed to be yours."

"I didn't want you to agree with my options," he snapped and added with a grumble, "We'll come up with something else."

"There is nothing else!" I cried in frustration. I pulled out of his grip to pull at my hair and started pacing the desert ground. "How bad can it be really? My mom was mostly left alone, wasn't she? And she lived a-" I found myself struggling to say, "-fairly long life. She would have continued doing that if Sean wouldn't have snapped. And maybe, if I just keep my mouth shut, be complacent and agreeable, and let him control me, he won't hurt me."

Max's eyes were tracing my distressing pace. Back and forth. Back and forth. "He might not hurt you. But he'll kill you. He'll kill Liz Parker."

I stopped and spun around to face him. "But you would live."

He groaned. "Don't be ridiculous. This is not some kind of romance novel. There's no such thing as sacrificing yourself for someone else-"

Then how do you explain all the times you've accepted abuse because you were protecting me?

He flung his hands out to the sides with a cry of, "This is our lives! This is it. Do you really want to live it out like a puppet?"

"No!" I cried. "I really want to live it out normally. Maybe get married. Maybe have children." I kicked angrily at a stone. "Of course I don't want to be raped, mind-raped and every other kind of rape there might be in your world!"

"I'm sorry," Max gasped without warning, abruptly squashing my anger.

I looked at him as he took a deep breath, lengthening his body, every muscle in his body tensing. As if he was trying not to fall apart. Or erupt like a volcano.

I bit my bottom lip and watched him silently as he struggled to regain control over himself, my own body trembling with the aftershock of overwhelming emotions.

"Please..." I whispered as he seemed to have regained the control of his breathing at least. "Let me do this. I'm not trying to make it into a big gesture or anything. No romance novel, I promise. I'm just trying to find the best option out of two worthless miserable alternatives."

"He was sitting outside of your apartment after you returned from the hospital," Max said quietly, changing topics and once again increasing my heart rate. "That's why I didn't come to get you until so late. Once he left, I waited for another hour to make sure that he wouldn't return."

He looked over at me. "He won't wait; he's already keeping close tabs on you. He has figured out that we're connected, but he also learned today that he can get through it. Or he thinks that he's the one that got through it. He doesn't know that you were the one to shut it off." He scoffed. "Because that's not even supposed to be possible for you to do." His jaw muscles rippled. "This doesn't necessarily make him any less dangerous." He swallowed, looking almost green with disgust. "And the only way he can bond with you is through sex."

"I remember," I whispered, trying not to think of the fact that I would be losing my virginity against my will. That I would perhaps never share a sexual experience with anyone else but Sean and that it might never be voluntary on my part.

Was this really my future?

I jumped as Max cried out in frustration, the scream echoing against the caves, and I felt the conflict eating away at him.

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