"Calm her down, Alex."

Dresden's voice sounded far away. Everything was far away. The world was dim and subdued. The only thing that felt real was the pressure of my nails as they dug into the soft beaten tissue of my upper arms as I wrapped my arms tightly around myself.

With the slow rocking back and forth of my body, and my eyes stinging from being left without blinking for too long, I was back to the day when I had lost my mom. I was watching the raging fire devour my house. I was searching through flames and heat, through black suffocating smoke, to find my mother. I was being pushed up against a wall, restrained as Sean assaulted me and forced himself inside my mind. I was watching Max get shot by Sean. I was watching him get knifed by Sean. I was watching the blood pour out of the boy that had fought to secretly protect me my whole life. I was being held captive by aliens. I was almost getting raped, almost strangled, almost killed. Through Steven Carter's memories, I was watching my mother get raped and suffer one miscarriage after the other.

"She's in shock. I'm... It's too... It's difficult to get through."

"We need her. Now. He's dying."

The shadows of my dark memories were lurking around the fringes of my inner eye as I kept staring at the wound in Max's abdomen. But 'wound' would be an understatement. Gaping hole would be more accurate. How he was alive was beyond me.

However, judging from the urgency in the aliens around me, Max was obviously still alive.

I wanted to help him. I was fueled with a pulsating very demanding need to help him, but I couldn't get myself to function. I was shutting down. Disappearing inside of myself again.

It was as if I had that same hole in me. There was something really important missing from my soul. Something that I desperately needed right now. Something I desperately needed to function.

I couldn't get my mind around what they meant by me healing Max. I had healed a cut on his hand once, but I'm pretty sure any alien would do a better job than me at fixing Max right now.

I was no alien. I was no healer. Why were the assuming that I was?

Then two rough impatient hands were ripping me up by the elbows, holding me in the air when my feet refused to support my weight.

In the midst of the chaos in my heart, the fog in my mind, the frozen state of my soul, I could feel a warm soothing calmness. It made it difficult for me to breathe. It overwhelmed me and left me shaking with emotional overload. But it also succeeded in calming me down. In making me focus.

Enough to make me aware of my surroundings. I noticed Dresden's long warm fingers circled around my upper arm. I noticed his other hand holding Alex's upper arm in a similar fashion. I looked at Alex long enough to see the concentration on his face and discern that Dresden was magnifying Alex's powers, helping Alex to calm me down, before I had to look away from the sight of Alex's distorted face to not immediately lose that wobbly acquired calmness.

"Better?" Dresden asked and I nodded.

It was better. But there was still a hole in my boyfriend's abdomen. A hole they wanted me to mend.

And my body was finally understanding what my mind wanted. To get close to Max. To make him better. To talk to him. To comfort him. To make him feel safe.

To heal him.

I ripped out of Dresden's hold and willed my feet to get to work. The walk to Max was a stumbling mess, but after what felt like an eternity, I fell to my knees next to his head.

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