I inhaled shakily, overwhelmed with the knowledge Max's father was supplying. Overwhelmed with Max's reactions to this knowledge. I could tell that he was trying to block it from me, but it must be too much even for him. His reactions were flowing over, blending with mine. Accentuating and emphasizing.

He hadn't know this either. His own father had never told him that he was - nothing short of - a miracle.

That there was a suspicion that I was the same.

"She needs a break," Max whispered tightly next to me.

I'm not sure who was squeezing whose hand. But the grip was tight.

I felt Max's intense gaze on my profile as he asked, "Do you need a break?"

I slowly shook my head, a trembling breath rattling over my dry lips. "No..." I swallowed. "No."

I lightly cleared my throat, but it did nothing to dissolve the lump in my chest, before I looked over at him.

I almost started crying at the sight of him. I could see the trembles in his body, threatening to break him apart if he gave in just a little bit. It was not that difficult to reach the realization that he was the one needing a break.

"Do you?" I whispered.

He fervently shook his head, his dark turbulent eyes locked with mine and his lips tight with tension. "No. Not unless you do."

An amused breathy laugh drifted from somewhere deep inside of me. In essence, we both needed a break, but neither of us were prepared to admit it. Both of us needed more.

I searched his open eyes, floating on the violent waves of his emotions through the strong link between our minds, and said quietly, "Let's continue."

He nodded, lifting my knuckles to his lips. The touch of his lips was cool, so wrong compared to the heat he normally surrounded us with. I had time to frown in bothered concern about this before Mr. Evans wordlessly started feeding our minds with his next memory.

I didn't like this one bit. I didn't like that Sarge was dragging my family into his gaea business. And I certainly didn't like that Sarge had taken Nancy while she had Elizabeth with her. Had used Nancy when her daughter had been with her.

I caught Diane by the elbow as I was about to exit the kitchen. Her emotions slammed into me at the contact. She was worried. Afraid for our children. Afraid for Nancy. She had never seen how gaeas were treated before. I had purposely shielded her from that aspect of my heritage.

"Keep Max and Isabel upstairs," I told her sharply. It was not my intention to add to her fear, but due to the physical link between my hand and her elbow, I was immediately informed of how my tone of voice had affected her. I forced my anger at the situation back, pecked her softly on the cheek, before adding, "Keep them safe."

Her eyes were wide, her feelings all over the place, as she nodded her wordless assent.

With one final look at my young wife, I left the kitchen and followed the loud voices into the living room. Where Nancy was more or less back to her normal self after being energized by me. Which was the reason why Sarge was here to start with. He had taken too much of her energy.

He was becoming too careless about how much he took. Too greedy. Which was yet another thing that was really starting to bug me. His disrespect for the system set in place to protect the mental and physical stability of the gaeas was, at best, worrying. His disrespect for the human being was dangerous.

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