There was little time to react. We were still exposed. Maybe even still in danger. Yet, it was difficult to get your body to function when you had just been dead. 

The most prominent feeling was relief. Relief that we were alive. That Command - even though we still had no explanation as to how - seemed to be dead. That overwhelming feeling of relief, mixed with small tinges of tentative hope, was making it difficult to let the panic of a possible dangerous situation back in. Instead of facing reality, I wanted to keep looking at Max, keep feeling his hand around mine, keep feeling his warmth through our connection and through our touching skin.

Yes, the connection was still up and running. It had simmered down, moving from hurricane levels to a gentle breeze, but it was still there. Even with the lack of its previous intensity, the connection seemed clearer and more focused than it had ever been before. It was with an indescribable ease that I could hear Max's thoughts and experience his emotions. I didn't have to concentrate on his mind to listen. I didn't have to put energy into sifting through relevant and less relevant thoughts. His thoughts were as much a part of me as my own thoughts, in the same manner that my own thoughts needed no effort to be heard or be acknowledged.

For the first time since the death of my mother, I felt at peace. Maybe even for the first time ever. At least for as far back as I could recall.

Max was surrounded by the beautiful color spectrum saturating his aura. I had only seen it previously at our most intimate moments, but now I could visualize it without trying. Much like how Max's healing ability always had enabled him to see people's auras. We both had a feeling that this could signify a common access to Max's abilities. What was once his, was now mine. Everything he had once learnt and practiced had automatically become rooted in me. 

In other words, discounting my genetic makeup, I had essentially been reborn a hybrid. I was still very much human (with some added quirks, of course), but connecting not only my mind but also my soul to Max had given me that alien touch that shouldn't be possible for a human to acquire.

We had only been outside of the physical confinements of our bodies for a couple of minutes, but still we were struggling to get used to the heaviness of them. And before we had a chance to pull ourselves together, quite literally, one of our enemies had approached us. One from Command's clan. 

Max lifted his head off the floor, directing his eyes at the approaching man, and was just about to defend us against whatever threat this man posed, when the man in question hurriedly threw his hands up in front of him. Surprisingly, the man's hand gesture was one of surrender instead of the anticipated attack, making Max pause even as we were both instantly pumped with adrenaline and poised to shoot.

"Whoa whoa," the man warned breathlessly. He was limping, blood drying underneath one of his nostrils, his eyes glistening with latent shock. "Don't."

"State your purpose!" Max barked, his harsh tone putting me even more on edge. He was staring the man down like a guard dog would stare at a trespasser seconds before attacking.

The man flinched at Max's snarl, obviously being fully aware of what Max and I had just put him through. There was a slight tremble to his voice when he quickly answered, "You should get out of here. We are not the only ones here. More will be arriving soon."

I looked from the man's shaken facial expression to Max, whose face was tightening with guarded anger. "Why are you telling us this?"

The question on both of our minds was clear, Why is one of Command's men warning us?

Momentary confusion passed across the man's face and he hesitated for a second before replying thinly, "I'm not sure. I feel..." He looked behind him, at his companions. Max and I followed his gaze to the rest of Command's men. 

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