Whatever they had done to turn off Max's powers was affecting their powers as well. Which is why they were hiding behind a human weapon.

The reasoning was Max's. Not mine.

Because I couldn't focus on anything but the gun. Aimed at us. Aimed at Max, since he was shielding me behind his body. I had never seen a real gun before. Our family had never owned one. The people who owned guns in town didn't exactly flaunt them.

It wasn't at all like seeing it in the movies or on 'Cops'. Its meaning had changed. It was no longer 'a weapon', it was a lethal threat. It symbolized terror and death.

But Max didn't seem frightened by it. Or maybe he was just hiding it well. Rather, he seemed to grow in confidence by the fact that the Carter men felt the need to bring a gun with them into a room with two starved teenagers who lacked any means of defensive protection.

Max concluded that they were afraid of what he and I could do. Even without Max's powers. Even without human weaponry.

But Max's initial self-assurance quickly turned to anger as his eyes flickered to the adolescent standing behind his father. He took a hasty step forward, making me stumble with the abruptness. With my stumble, he must have realized that I was with him, that I was 'attached' to him.

Otherwise, I was pretty sure he would have attacked Sean, wrath obliterating his rational thought. Probably getting shot in the process. On instinct, I tightened my hand around his and tried to calm my mind in order to calm his.

"You're a sorry excuse for a guy, you know that?" Max sneered with venom.

Partly hidden behind his father, Sean smirked. "I heard you wanted to talk to me?"

"I swear to you," Max breathed, "Once I get out of here, you better hide or-"

Sean's humorless laughter cut off Max's threat, "You really think you're getting out of here?"

"Enough of that," the Sergeant interrupted coldly.

"What are you trying to do?" Max asked, not at all acting the role of the frightened prisoner.

It was impressive. How Max - even without his powers and in his weakened state - could appear more powerful than the armed men holding him captive. He had an inner fire, something that made him strong and stable.


"What's with the hostility, Mr. Evans?" the Sergeant asked, amused. "I thought you would be grateful. After all, we brought you two together. Isn't that what you wanted?"

"I want you to let Liz go," Max demanded forcefully.

"No," I declared equally forcefully, cutting off the Sergeant's reply.

Steven Carter looked at me, appearing utterly entertained by us. "Huh? Trouble in paradise? A disagreement?"

I'm getting you out, Max hissed through the bond.

No! my voice cut sharply through our minds, making us both wince. I lowered my 'voice' slightly to add, I'm not leaving without you. It's either both of us or neither of us.

Max was struggling against this. I could feel it not only in the stubbornness of his thoughts but also in the tension of his body.

"Besides, you really think that I'm letting either of you go?" Sgt. Carter asked, all amusement sliding off his face, leaving his expressions cold and emotionless.

"You're not touching her again," Max answered, unfazed by the Sergeant's taunt.

I saw the quick look Sean shot his father, before Sean looked back at us. I narrowed my eyes at the scene. Sean appeared uncertain. As if he wasn't sure what his father was planning.

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