"You already know a lot about the sergeant," Max started and I saw the face of Sean Carter's father flash in his mind, displayed for me to see. But when he could have communicated with me entirely through memory images and thoughts, he chose to do it the human way; speaking.

Which I was happy about.

I closed my eyes, my cheek resting on his chest. My body was draped over his in a manner that made my upper body move slowly up and down with every breath he took.

I loved listening to his voice. Loved the way the masculine darkness to his voice mixed with a softness I could read in the deepest parts of his soul.

If melted chocolate had a voice, it would sound like Max's.

So I relaxed my mind, subconsciously instructing it not to pay any attention to Max's thoughts or the background noise across the bond (which I was still very unused to). It still took me a lot of energy to sort through that added level of communication, so it was almost a relief to let it slide by unnoticed for now.

I put my arm across his abdomen, cradling the left side of his taut stomach in my palm, while I tucked my body up against his right side and slung one leg across his thigh. I really tried to not be distracted by his right arm around my back, where his fingers were slowly tracing up and down my spine as he kept talking.

I really really tried.

"Sgt. Steven Carter is a pure alien. Both of his parents were military."

I frowned at this. With all the hostile male aliens around, I had only assumed that females didn't carry that much power or authority in the alien community. But while I was trying not to focus on Max's thoughts but rather his spoken words, Max seemed very aware of mine and immediately paused his story to respond to my reflection.

"You're right. Women usually don't hold a lot of power. But it depends on their heritage, which can give them either a lot of power or very little. Sean's paternal grandmother came from a very strong family. No one could ignore her powers and her possible contribution to our community. So she was made an essential part of the army. Producing a son with Robert Carter assured that their offspring would be powerful."

An ice-cold shudder raced through me. "How have I been able to fight against him? Sean?" My mumble had my lips brush against his - amazingly good smelling - skin with every word. "If he comes from such a powerful family?"

"Sean hasn't reached his full potential yet. None of us has actually. On average, you do so around the age of 19. But with practice, you can do it earlier."

"And if you bond with a gaea..?" I asked darkly.

"It depends on the gaea. If she's ready, and strong - especially mentally, there's the capacity of the alien reaching his full potential much sooner," Max whispered and his fingers curled protectively against my waist, his strong arm pressing up against my back and consequently pressing me closer.

I blinked and looked up at him through my eyelashes. His eyes were concerned and questioning as he met mine and he moved his hand from my back to bury in my hair.

"So if Sean were to bond with me now - after I've been more qualified for the job - he would become very dangerous. Very strong."

Max nodded slowly before raising his head off the pillow and placing a lingering kiss on my lips. "But that won't happen," he said with clear-cut determination as he pulled back. "We are bonded."

I smiled, even though I wasn't feeling very happy, but I felt like I should lighten up the conversation. "Yeah," I said weakly. "He can just go screw himself."

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