It was still early morning (and it couldn't have been very long after we had fallen asleep) as my full bladder forced me to disentangle myself from Max's warmth and quietly search out some clothes in the darkness.

I pulled a T-shirt over my head and soft sweatpants up my naked lower body before leaning over his sleeping face, pausing to watch the flickering movements of his eyes under his eyelids and take in the softness of his mouth as his lips were slightly parted in sleep. The way his cheek was pressed into the mattress and how his arm was hanging over the edge of the bed.

I jumped as he opened his mouth and whispered, "Where are you going?"

My breath caught, my heart hammering in my chest, and I said softly, "Go back to sleep."

With a tired groan, he opened one eye and looked at me. The warmth of his presence - of his alerted consciousness - was flowing around me. His tone was raspy with sleep as he repeated drowsily, "Where are you going, Parker?"

I brought my startled heart back under control, a smile whispering across my lips, and leaned down to gentle kiss him.

'Gentle' had honestly been my intention, until Max buried his hand into my hair and pulled my mouth closer, deepening the kiss. My stomach tightened as blazing desire shot straight through me and he swallowed my moan as he softened the kiss before pulling back.

"Don't go," he mumbled, looking up at me with dark eyes through a veil of eyelashes.

Lust was trembling through me, making my thighs clench in response to the memory of how his mouth could make me feel. In response to the memories of where his mouth had been just hours ago.

He reached out, his intense look locked on my face, and wrapped his long fingers around my hip, pulling me closer.

"Stay," he whispered, his voice warm enough to melt me into a puddle on the floor.

I swallowed, knowing that he probably already knew this through the connection, but croaked helplessly, "I need to pee."

His hand crept up the inside of the T-shirt, dancing lightly north along my skin. His thumb skimmed the underside of my breast, making me freeze in anticipation, before he slid his hand around the sensitive skin of the side of my ribs, to my shoulder blade, and pressed me forward.

He was pressing the side of his body up through his elbow to reach me; to get closer, and I felt myself gravitating towards him.

"Oh," he mumbled, in response to my clarification. "Then you have to go."

My eyes closed as his hand continued down my back, moving inside the sweatpants. I wasn't wearing any panties under those pants, and the knowledge made my breathing pick up as his touch cradled my hip before moving to my butt cheek, pressing his fingers into its pliable softness and tugging me forward rather suddenly.

A gasped laugh of surprise breezed out of me as I stumbled against him. "Max..."

There was amusement in my voice, reflecting the bewildered self-consciousness I was feeling at his actions in the middle of the night. How he always managed to surprise me, even when I was inside his mind.

He (easily) shifted me sideways, bringing my hips straight in front of him, before he rearranged his position in bed, coming to lie on his stomach facing me, and unceremoniously pulled my pants down.

The sound that came out of me was a mixture of a gasp and a surprised moan, as the long T-shirt (its size made it clear that I was wearing Max's discarded T-shirt instead of my own) lightly stroked against my now naked thighs.

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