Maria let out a blood-curling scream, breaking the second of silence. All I could do was stare at the head of Max's mother, discarded on the floor.

My brain had stopped functioning. Everything had happened so fast, so close to the dream I had just had, that I for a second was convinced that it was all a dream.

I must be dreaming. I must still be dreaming.

But then Mr. Evans roared, grabbing the limp arm of his lifeless wife and pulling her out of her murderer's grip. As soon as Diane's body was pulled into her husband's, Dresden, Max and Michael in unison fired energy blasts at the intruder, the combination of the blasts enough to have the alien disintegrate into a fine dust.

Before the dust had settled, Dresden spun round the doorframe of the entrance to the room with his arm raised in front of him, to see if anyone else was there.

I couldn't feel my heart anymore. I was still waiting to wake up.


The broken sobbed whisper came from Isabel, who was stumbling to her feet and almost drunkenly hurrying up to her mother. It was painful to watch her confusion in deciding where to go. Her mother was in pieces.

Max had already left my side, running forward and - seemingly without acknowledging what exactly he was doing - picked up his mother's severed head and brought it to his father.

"We can fix her," he told Mr. Evans hoarsely.

Maria was crying hysterically next to me and in shock I slowly reached out and placed my arm across her shoulders, pulling her into my side. Her tears were hot against my skin when she turned her face into the curve of my neck.

"No," Mr. Evans said, giving Max a slight push away from him. "She's gone."

His voice was garbled and unrecognizable, while his stance signaled strength. He would not break down. Not now.

Max pushed his mother's head towards his father again, the scene looking morbid, and I could hear the tears in his voice now as he desperately cried, "Using enough energy we can-"

Mr. Evans slapped Max. "No!"

Paying Max no further attention, Mr. Evans tenderly placed Diane's broken body on the floor and took his wife's severed head from Max's hands, placing it on the floor as close as possible to where it had been attached just a minute ago.

Michael stepped forward and grabbed Max by both arms, pulling him backwards.

Mr. Evans looked back at his son, his eyes blazing with anger. "She's dead."

Max resisted Michael's hold with everything in him, his movements turning more and more frenzied as he tried to get loose.

I squeezed my eyes closed and mumbled to myself, "Wake up wake up wake up."

"She can't be dead," I heard Isabel sob loudly and then wail, "Noooo! She can't be dead. Mom! Mom!"

I looked into Diane's unresponsive eyes. Even from the distance, I could see the enlarged pupils and the mild clouding of her corneas. The eyes of a dead person.

"We can't fix this," Mr. Evans said, echoing my own distant thoughts.

At Dresden's authoritative bark, I opened my eyes again, "We have to leave. Now!"

I didn't hesitate. They had just killed a very loved person of our group. We didn't have time to delay.

"Come on, Maria," I told my friend and got to my feet. "We have to move."

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