His excitement was poorly contained as his whole body, frozen in this 'about to get out of bed'-stance, was tight with anticipation.

Smiling at the thoughts rushing through his mind, I asked, "Do you want me to turn the light back on?"

He slowly looked away from the switched off lamp, the twinkle of restrained expectancy in his eyes sending a delightful shiver down my spine. His exhaled, "Yes," was so transparent in its hopeful relief that he laughed guilty at himself. "Can you?"

Closing my eyes, I visualized the lamp in my head and thought Light.

But there was no flood of light against my closed eyelids.

Peeking one eye open, I groaned in disappointment at the darkness, "I was never really good at turning stuff on," referring to my ability to proficiently turn alien bonds off without the competence to switch them back on.

Max wrapped his arm around my naked waist, pulling me into his equally naked side, placed a kiss over the jugular vein throbbing fervently under my skin on the side of my neck while brushing his hand teasingly but meaningfully over my naked breast. "I wouldn't say that."

I rolled my eyes in the darkness at his very sexual thoughts and had a reply ready on my tongue, when he laughed quietly at me, pecked my shoulder and got off the bed.

I felt the absence of his body like a cold suction in my chest. He had felt it too. Leaning over me, he gently grabbed my chin and brushed his lips over mine, meeting my questioning eyes. "I'm just gonna get some water."

I frowned. Okay?

He grabbed his boxers off the floor, shimming them up his hips, throwing me a knowing grin as I followed his movements without blinking. He was still glowing. I could see the thin ring of light around him. My heart swelled painfully with the feelings I had for this man.

Be right back, he smiled, his teasing thought interrupting my own.

My answering smile was quick and distracted, and had him walk up to me, mold warm long fingers to my chin and place another soft kiss on my lips, before throwing me a departing wink. I watched him hurry out of the room. Excitement rolling off him like a child on Christmas morning.

As soon as his presence left the room, the energy in the room wilted. It felt dead and cold.

I laid down on my back, pulling the duvet close around my suddenly shivering body and looked up at the ceiling, my lips pursing in thought, as I absently searched through his mind. I was so deep in thought - in his thoughts - that his mental admonishment startled me.

Liz, stop eavesdropping.

I bit my lip to restrain my smile at being caught. I hadn't been conscious of monitoring his mind. It all came so naturally nowadays; my thoughts fluttered around in his head as easily as my own did in mine. Although, I still hadn't learnt all that hiding and filtering that he did. Which, to be honest, was a bit unfair.

If I hadn't felt his presence approaching, Max would have surprised - and probably scared - me. He always moved so quietly.

Brushing the door he had left ajar open, he switched on the lamp he just passed with his hand (the one I had just turned off with my mind) and put a glass of water on the nightstand. After lifting and moving the nightstand more to face the middle of the side of the bed - balancing the glass perfectly on top while doing so - he got back into bed and pulled me up into a seated position next to him.

The touch of his hands was delicious as he moved them around my hips, around my waist, across my shoulders, as he positioned me in front of the nightstand and the glass.

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