I was roughly pulled back into awareness, my body stiff and cold from laying on the bathroom floor, by the sound of the bathroom door opening.

Adrenaline instantly sharpened my senses and before my eyes were even fully opened, I had scooted my body to the furthest wall away from the door.

It was amazing how quickly your body would become accustomed to instinctively react. To flee.

I was struggling to pull my weak body together, my arms folding around my knees as I pulled myself up into a tight seated position, trying to make my body as small as possible against the wall. The dark figure of a man became visible in the doorframe as the door swung open, and there was an immediate shift in the atmosphere.

The air became thick, more sinister, as the figure blocking my only exit seemed to devour light.

"Good morning, Ms. Parker," the shadow spoke in a dark monotone tone.

I would have recognized that voice anywhere. I had only encountered it on one occasion, but it had been enough to be forever imprinted into my memory, as means of survival.

The white-haired man, surrounding by black color, with an air of oppressive respect and impassion was standing not more than three feet away from me.


The one in charge of the alien community in Roswell.

The one who I had been unable to read.

The one that insinuated that Max would be punished; no matter what the counterargument.

I hadn't seen that man since the meeting. Since he had told me to go to sleep.

My exhausted mind briefly wished for Sean or even the Sergeant to take Command's place. For them - with their acidic insinuations and angry attempts at controlling my mind - to be the ones to stand in the doorway to the small bathroom instead of the blank version of a fake human being.

Anything was better than the vulnerability and exposure I was feeling right now. The fear that was pressing down on my chest; the fear that he was here to not only deliver my verdict but maybe even execute it.

When I didn't respond, the shape of Command continued forward, taking a step into the bathroom, into the stark bathroom light. He stopped in the middle of the room, his back straight, with the white light making the whiteness of his hair sting my eyes. His blue eyes were transfixed on my face, slowly moving across my features.

If it weren't for his expressionless face, I might have thought he was sizing me up. Almost as though he was hungrily observing a meal. I don't know where that feeling came from, considering he wasn't giving me any indication of his feelings (if he had any...), but it made me press my back further into the cold tiled wall behind me, feeling so scared that I could barely remember how to keep on breathing.

"Are you going to kill me?" I whispered, my own fearful voice making my eyes tear.

This was it. They were fed up with me. They had reached their maximum level of patience.

I thought I would be relieved at the thought of them ending my life - ending my misery - but when actually faced with that reality I realized that I didn't want to die. I had my whole life ahead of me. I wanted to live.

I wanted to live.

"We are quite perplexed by you, Ms. Parker," Command stated without addressing my fear. "Even with efforts of weakening the bodies of both you and Max Evans, your connection has remained. The reports have shown a weakening due to the physical distance between you, but the distance alone has not been enough to facilitate in us breaking the bond."

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