"Baby, there's someone here to see you."

My mom was peering into my room through the door which had been left ajar. She seemed pale, an uncertain smile on her face.

I straightened and placed the book I had been reading next to me on the bed. "Who is it?"

"Dr. Evans, honey."

Dr. Evans? I frowned. I wasn't sick.

"And his son." Mom turned her head and looked at someone behind her, hidden behind the semi-closed door, before looking back at me, "And Sean."

Sean? As in Sean Carter? The quarterback?

"What do they want?" I asked, feeling nervous all of the sudden.

"We just want to talk to you," a deep voice said calmly and the owner of that voice towered up behind my mom as he put a hand above my mom's head to push the door open. He turned to my mom with a smile. "We'll take it from here, Nancy."

My mom looked incredibly pale. "Just don't-"

"Shhh..." Sean, who had just come up behind Dr. Evans, hushed with a smirk. Placing his hands on my mother's shoulders, he looked her intently in the eyes and said slowly, "Time for you to leave now."

"Yes," my mom whispered as though in a daze and blinked slowly. "Of course."

Dr. Evans clapped his hands together, attracting my attention with a start, and I felt the pulse throb against my temples as he smiled at me. "Liz. How are you?"

"What are you doing here?" I asked.

And what did you do to my mom?

There was movement behind the middle aged man and I saw Max Evans quietly move into the room, following his father. His eyes were downcast, his shoulders slumped, as he quietly appeared to be studying the carpet of my bedroom.

"It's time for your check-up," Dr. Evans said naturally and goosebumps of cold fear exploded across every inch of my skin.

"My check-up?" I mumbled. I didn't need a check-up.

I caught Sean staring at me, a smug smile growing larger and larger on his face. His eyes were piercing and ice blue.

"No need to worry," Dr. Evans assured me, the smile still plastered on his face.

"So what are they doing here?" I looked pointedly at the two male adolescents who had entered my room. Even if I were to get a check-up, I would certainly not get one in front of my classmates.

"Educational purposes," Dr. Evans replied calmly.

My heart missed a beat and I hated that my voice trembled as I said, "I want you to leave. You have no right to be here."

Dr. Evans looked over at his blond apprentice and said simply, "Sean."

"Will do, sir," Sean replied with an easy smile.

Will do what?

Sean leisurely approached my bed, smiling like the Cheshire cat, and I scooted up against the head of the bed, the pages of the book I had been reading accidentally folding under the weight of my nervous body. That book would never look the same again.

"Jeez," Sean mumbled as he sank down on his knees in the softness of my mattress. "Always the same reaction."

My heart was pounding in my chest. I felt trapped. Like a wild animal having been forced into a corner with no way out. My eyes desperately flickered in Max's direction. He was the only one in here that was not eyeing me like I was his next meal.

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