To call me an expert would be an outright lie. Even with full access to Max's vault of experience and knowledge, it was not as if it was a simple process to heal. To make matters slightly more tricky, Max's preoccupation with healing his father meant that it was more difficult for me to find the information in his mind that I needed. As if his mind was a server and there was a higher risk of it becoming overloaded with two users instead of one.

Looking at the wounds running along Isabel's arms I tried to convince myself that they were simple wounds. Compared to the large hole I had managed to heal in Max's abdomen, this was nothing. Should be as easy as pie.

That's when something occurred to me. Connections. I probably needed to form a connection with Isabel to be able to heal such large wounds. When healing Max, the connection had already been there.

I grimaced, the expression being hid from Isabel's eyes by my downturned face.

How do you form a connection?!

"Um," I mumbled, glancing up at Isabel.

Her eyes were shining with tears, making her look even more beautiful than usual. But even overwhelmed by her emotions, she looked calm. There was admirable assurance in her gaze and she was holding my gaze without blinking.

As if she had easily figured out what my hurdle was, she told me evenly, "Just look into my eyes. I'll form the connection."

I just barely resisted letting out a big sigh of relief, but from the small amused curving to Isabel's smile, she knew how much her assistance meant to me.

I had a second to ponder what being inside Isabel's mind might be like before the connection sprung open and there was...nothing.

Isabel had a block up. A block around her mind. I had access to her whole body, the physical aspect of it, while her thoughts, feelings and memories were concealed. I considered putting my own block up. Maybe that was what aliens normally did. Actually, that was probably what aliens normally did. Maybe it was the polite thing to do. But even as I was thinking it, I wondered if I would be as adept at healing if I had a block up.

"Promise I won't peak," Isabel said quietly. Ironically, she was no doubt reading my mind right then.

Pushing the nagging feeling that Isabel was actually reading my thoughts or going through my mind right then and might continue to do so even if she said she wouldn't, I searched out the wounds in her skin through the connection. Once I arrived at the location, it was actually more straightforward than I remembered it being. My mind guided the tissues together, reconnected tarnished blood vessels, smoothed the skin. Leaving no scars.

I was good at breaking connections. At that, I was a natural. Once I was done, I immediately stepped out of Isabel's mind, glanced down at her unblemished skin before looking up at her rosy face.

"You did good," she said, sounded a tad proud, but also slightly surprised.

I gave her a nod, being a bit speechless at my own accomplishments.

Isabel smiled softly. "Thank you."

I swallowed and found a trembling voice, "No problem."


His hands moved gently over my skin, along the curve of my waist, down the shape of my bottom. The water was balmy and soothing, cocooning us in warmth and relief. I looked up to find him watching me, his amber eyes emitting the kind of love that had my toes curling against the tiled floor and my center heating with desire. The look that made me feel like the most special girl in the universe. The look that made me feel like I was the only girl in the universe. The look that made me feel wanted and desirable.

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