"Try not to think about it," Max said as he drove with his headlights off on back roads from my apartment up to the main road.

He turned on the lights as we turned right, onto road 70, before gently taking my hand, which was resting against my thigh. His fingers curled against the top of my thigh at the motion and I glanced at him, feeling feverish, while he laced our fingers together resting the locking of our hands on my leg.

"About what?" I croaked, my mouth devoid of any saliva. I was so nauseous. So nervous.

He glanced at me again, before returning his attention to the road. I liked it when he drove. It meant that I could watch his face, watch him, inhibited. Without having to be self-conscious about staring at him, while he had to focus on staying on the road.

"Tonight is not about sex, okay?"

My stomach turned and twisted at his honesty. Did he really have to say it out loud like that? This whole thing already burned with awkwardness.

"No?" I questioned, intending for it to sound sarcastic, but it fell flat. My voice was too weak.

He brought our interlocked hands up to his lips and kissed my knuckles. Looking at me briefly, he said quietly, "And it's not about survival either."

"What is it about?" I asked, my eyes fixed on the white interrupted lines in the middle of the road as they swished by with the speed of the car.

He returned our hands to their original position against my thigh and said, "You. And Me."

My heart tried to convince me to relax, that his words were calming and that I was safe with him. But I was too wired up.

"That's what scares me," I said.

He raised the eyebrow closest to me, a tentative grin on his face. "You? Or Me?"

"Us," I said, my voice getting a bit stronger the more I talked to him. His presence was having a soothing effect on me. Even if it was awkward, it actually felt a lot better to talk about it out in the open than to just worry and turn it over in my head. I swallowed and added, "Together."

Silence wrapped around us and I had time to fear that he would pull away, when he said, "I won't hurt you."

His voice was low and raw. But assertive.

"I know you won't," I assured him and hugged my fingers against his. "But what if something happens, outside of your control?"

He looked over at me silently before inhaling, "Aliens have been having sex with humans for a long time, Liz. Many times."

I was blushing. Again. Whenever he alluded to us being together in that way, I couldn't help but picture him, and my body was assaulted with an inexplicably strong longing for his body.

But I couldn't quite let it go. "What if we're different?"

"So," he licked his lips. I watched. "What are you afraid will happen?"

"I don't know," I mumbled. How could I know?

A grin crept onto his lips and he said, "Are you afraid that the pleasure will be so out of this world that you will self-combust?"

I couldn't help but smile. "Death by orgasm?"

He looked at me, his grin turned into a genuine smile. "What a way to go."

I laughed quietly, some of the tension in my body easing off. "So there's nothing that can go wrong?"

He slowly pulled the smile back, answering honestly, "As long as we trust each other, nothing can go wrong."

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