More tears were rolling down my face now. A waterfall of involuntary goodbyes.

He broke my heart as he leaned forward and placed a soft kiss on my forehead. My hands circled around his wrists, not wanting him to let go.

I couldn't forget him. Not now.

"Okay, that's enough," Mr. Evans said and added succinctly, "Maxwell, you can always rekindle things with her later. Just without all the extra details."

"Sure," Max said tightly and took a step back, letting his hands fall away from my face.

I let my hands fall away from his wrists, closed my eyes, and stepped backwards until my back was molded with the wall.

I felt his presence loom over me as Mr. Evans came to stand in front of me.

"Ms. Parker. I need you to open your eyes."

Of course. He needed to look me in the eyes. I shivered. I didn't want anyone else to do that except for Max.

I took a deep breath and opened my eyes.

With Mr. Evans, there was no warming-up. No slow fall into his eyes. I felt him in my head the second my eyes opened; the connection instantaneous.

This obviously wasn't Mr. Evans' first time.

It didn't hurt. Wasn't even unpleasant. I could just feel that he was in my mind. But there were no visions. I didn't access any memories from Mr. Evans' head. Thank God.

But I could tell that the act took energy. Maybe more than Mr. Evans' himself had anticipated. He was growing increasingly bothered, his face showing a marked strain and sweat droplets running down his temples.

With a groan, he pushed backwards, releasing me.

"Dad?" Max asked worriedly, shooting me a quick glance before looking to his dad for guidance.

I still remembered. I still remembered.

"You okay?" Max asked his father, who was running his hands through his hair.

Max wasn't looking at me. He thinks I don't remember.

Mr. Evans looked at me, straightening, his face hardening for a second before he, "Pardon me for asking a personal question, Ms. Parker," his empty face changing eerily to one of the polite doctor. "Have you had sex with my son?"

I felt Max's shock reverberate through my system along with my own. At least, I thought I could feel the shock in his body as clearly as it was written across his face as he whipped his head towards me.

Mortification and embarrassment quickly followed in the footsteps of the shock and I defensively wrapped my arms around my body.

"No, she hasn't," Max answered in my place, shock giving way to confusion. I noticed the redness to his face and how he no longer could look me in the eye.

"That is a very personal question," I rasped. "And none of your business, I might add."

Max frowned at me, probably wondering why I was making it sound like we actually had been intimate with each other. Well, we had. Not just in the way Mr. Evans' was implying.

I flushed at the memory of Max's hands running across my body intimately, removing my pain.

"Oh, Ms. Parker," Mr. Evans said with a chuckle. "You've always been a strong-willed spirit."

I flashed to Max's memory of him and his father visiting me in my bedroom, taking blood samples from me when I was a young girl.

"If you haven't had intimate relations with my son," Mr. Evans continued, amusement wiped cleaned from his face in the blink of an eye, "then he must have healed you."

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