Ch. 21 (Part 2)

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“I swear, another shop and I am going to kill you.” I snapped at Ciara that was about to drag me into another one. She stopped, scanned me from head to toe and back and then dragged me inside the bloody shop.

For fuck’s sake! Why had I agreed to go shopping with her on my birthday?

This was about to kill me. She had bought already 4 bags of clothes for herself and forced me in a full one for myself. Not exactly my cup of tea. I had no choice, because Ciara could be crazily loud and embarrassing when she was determined in something and I wanted to avoid her hyper scenes inside the shops. Well, I know I’m just complaining while my friend bought me a birthday present, but it was something that always made me uneasy, because I never had anything to reciprocate with. Ciara and Enna wouldn’t hear any of it, anyway. Roman was the only one that seemed to understand it and respect it, but obviously wouldn’t say anything to make sad or the sort his “angel”.

Yep, her birthday present wasn’t only her, but of Enna as well. I hope Roman stayed out of this; Emmett had already given me a bloody i-phone and CD. Emmett...I already wanted to see him and I have been out for what? About two hours? I shook my head, there wasn’t much to do about it, I couldn’t wait to see him and hoped the shopping and the clothes will make me look enough tempting to convince him to come with me friends and I.

“What do you think of this?” Ciara chirped and showed me a short black dress with lace and a sort of long tail made of tulle in some gothic style. She could dress weird sometimes, believe me, but she would look grand in that.

“For you?”

“Nope, for Enna. Of course for me, Shane-babe. You won’t let me buy you anything more and I am having such wonderful time now with you.”

I chuckled at her blinking doll-like eyes and at her baby pink lips and hugged her. She might be weird and loud, but she was my friend and knew Ciara loved me.

“So you like it? Should I wear it tonight?” She winked and went in the changing room.

“Ciara, no girls are going to be there, so...”

“I know that, but your friends will be there.” She took off the dress she was wearing and chucked it over the door, letting it hang there. “And your boyfriend will be there...”

Emmett? What about him?

“What do you mean? Hands off, he’s mine.” I growled and she threw the door open giggling and looking like some dark fairy. I gave her a crooked glare and she jumped on me.

“Shane-babe, can’t see I am just teasing you? I like girls and anyway, your very hot boyfriend clearly has eyes only for you, so relax.” She pulled back and admired herself in the mirror. The black dress was quite a contrast with her pale skin and almost white platinum hair. I realized I just snapped at Ciara, a 100% loud and proud lesbian. Brilliant, Shane.

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