Cryptic • JJK • ☑️ by juancocck97
Cryptic • JJK • ☑️by Taemptation
"Time to get you wet as well right?" He smirked and she wiped her damped hair away from in front of her face. "I'm obviously more than just wet right now...
  • btsjungkook
  • kpop
  • kookie
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A Sexual Relationship by hungry-for-food
A Sexual Relationshipby hungry-for-food
He is a tattoo artist and she is the customer. Things spark and things happen. Sex is involved in there chemistry. One horny couple
  • tattoo
  • hot
  • kiss
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artist | bieber by niallengar
artist | bieberby kim
she loved art and he fell in love with hers. artist © niallengar started: mar 26, 2017 completed: -
  • shortstory
  • bieberfanfic
  • fanfiction
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BLACK INK | Luke Hemmings by IAmAMadWriter
BLACK INK | Luke Hemmingsby Catherine
He worked in the tattoo parlour across the street and she worked in the florist around the corner. He was the dark guy and she was the colourful girl. They didn't have...
  • flowers
  • luke
  • lukehemmings
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Tattooed Hearts by Danielle_Burton
Tattooed Heartsby Miss Dani
Arosemena Cruz is the picture of perfection. Poised, graceful, and never a hair out of place. With a 4.0 GPA, and years of formal training, she's a shoe in for Julliard...
  • drama
  • crime
  • murder
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tattoos [joshler] by suicidetyler
tattoos [joshler]by ✨used&abused✨
"all i wanted was a fucking tattoo!" · so this is my attempt to make you cry and rip your heart out. · ((trigger warnings: rape, smut, drug use and many many o...
  • gay
  • boyxboy
  • tylerjoseph
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The Tattooed Bad Boy  by ThePsychoMadHatter
The Tattooed Bad Boy by ☆ Shiwii ☆
Highest Rank: #1 in Teen Fiction!! VERY CLICHÉ! *** "He is well known." "He is bad news." "He is da...
  • badboy
  • humor
  • teenfictionaward
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Amor de Rey (EDITING) by lieselotds
Amor de Rey (EDITING)by Lieselot
Survival, no matter what. That is what kept Victoria alive. A young girl with a troubled past learned to take care of herself by dealing in drugs. Money is the onl...
  • gắng
  • girl
  • possessive
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After The Ink (revised) // Wattys 2018 by The_Dreamer_10
After The Ink (revised) // B.D. Fresquez
[Revised Version] [ONGOING] Lacey Evans seems to have it all: parents who love her, a best friend who is always there for her, and a boyfriend who might be the one. Then...
  • kiss
  • girl
  • lacey
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The Tattooed Princess by Alizkabo
The Tattooed Princessby AL
Every person in the kingdom of Norith has a small tattoo on their left wrist, and one on the back of their neck. Each tattoo was genetically put onto each person's skin...
  • cute
  • fate
  • completed
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XAVIERS PRECIOUS ✔ {Editing In Process} by ericawoham
XAVIERS PRECIOUS ✔ {Editing In Erica
Previously known as The Billionaire wants her. Highest ranking #1 in Romance 03-02-2016 #3 in Romance 09-04-2017 #2 in Romance 17-04-2017 (Book #1 in Manhattan Series)...
  • billionaire
  • love
  • romance
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The Girl Who Read [And the Boy Who Kissed Her] by Siriusly_fandoms
The Girl Who Read [And the Boy Sophie Claflin
She was quiet, and lived in the small neighborhood bookstore. And he watched her, every day. Pick up a book, read page by page, tears streaming down her face, or laughte...
  • vote
  • nerdyboy
  • fangirl
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Claimed (boyxboy) (werewolf) by bxbfangirldontjudge
Claimed (boyxboy) (werewolf)by bxbfangirldontjudge
Winter is your average 22 year old werewolf. After a break up him and his best friend, bailey, go to a club. He wales up with no memory of the night befire and how he go...
  • tattoo
  • love
  • boyxboy
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His wife ||wattys 2018 by nasvanally
His wife ||wattys 2018by Nas Van Ally
He is ruthless. He is mean. He is heartless. He is dangerous. He is cunning. He is known as the number one bachelor. He owns clubs, businesses and even people. But he h...
  • mafia
  • lovehate
  • love
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INK by LEPalphreyman
A boy cursed by ink. A girl doomed to die. A story made to be broken. --- In a dystopian world where ink and stories are forbidden, Elle has a dangerous power; creation...
  • action
  • forbiddenlove
  • forbidden
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Tattoo of Love by ashley_swift
Tattoo of Loveby Ashley_swift
" On everybody's 18th Birthday, They wake up with a tattoo of what their soulmate will first say to them." On the day of Cess Velasque's 20th Birthday, She tho...
  • shortstory
  • tattoo
  • bff
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Skin Deep  by lemmekeepreading
Skin Deep by lemmekeepreading
Racist falls for a black tattoo-artist.
  • blackgirl
  • interracial
  • couple
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Swear Jar | Yoonminkook by PEACHPJM
Swear Jar | Yoonminkookby ☟
• Little Space AU Struggling tattoo artist Min Yoongi is known for his bad temper and foul language. Little do people know, he has a soft spot for pretty things- especi...
  • poly
  • littlespace
  • yoongi
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The Bad Boy And The Bad Girl by -ABCDemi-
The Bad Boy And The Bad Girlby -ABCDemi-
Liz moves with her familie to the USA. To gets a new start, but at her school. There is a boy. Everybody is scared of him, except Liz. And he doesn't likes that. Little...
  • guns
  • war
  • stephenjames
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Potere | Book II by taintedkissesxo
Potere | Book IIby † αѕн †
[BOOK TWO] When the Russians dismantle one of the largest and fastest growing Italian Mafia family's in the States, war is declared. To avenge their friend's death, a f...
  • funny
  • criminal
  • action
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