Ch. 11

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Hi everyone! Today is such a beautiful day that I feel inspired to write more about this story. So here comes ch. 11.

Hope you'll like it, let me please know, vote, comments, whatever you feel like, thank you!!

Dedicated to Whskittles, cause she's super sweet :-))

On the right, a pic of Enna.


“Shane-babe, your boyfriend is super hot, where did you catch him?” That weird and super skinny girl giggled-shouted.

What the hell was that supposed to mean?

Boyfriend? Since when?

I felt my mind beginning to chant in my head

“I told you, I told you ... the brat is only a problem, let him go, you don’t need more problem, you have enough of them. And a brat? Why to waste your time with a brat?”


And it was right, since when did I agree to become his boyfriend? I barely said we would try something, telling him I wasn’t ready nor I wanted anything too complicated. My whole self wasn’t ready for that. I still couldn’t forget what I lost, still couldn’t forget what happened, forgive people and myself. I had lost everything I truly loved and that left me completely empty.

We needed to have a talk after dinner.

Shane gasped in clear distress and looked at me with worried and wide eyes, blood gushing away from his face. He swallowed, afraid of my reaction of what I would say to him later. But it wasn’t only that? Was it?

Oh fuck.

I did really scare him, didn’t I? But I couldn’t help it, he had such a strong and crazy effect on me, that I wasn’t able to control all my reactions around him. God, I really needed to stay away from him or I’d probably go crazy and hate myself even more.


Will you be able to stay away from him?

Do you think I’ll let you do that? Ha, you pathetic scaredy cat.


“Ciara, what the bloody hell are you talking about? He’s not my boyfriend.” Shane said with a controlled voice, trying to hide his tension. “He’s my friend.”

“And you kiss your friend? With such a lovey-dovey stupid face?” She mimicked some idiotic face that was supposed to portray a love-struck face. I reminded me more of someone high with drugs.

“It wasn’t a proper kiss, you and Enna always kiss me, so...” He was nervous. Shane was nervous, I could feel his tension flowing towards me and scrape me.

My inner and old self roared in my mind I was behaving like a pathetic half man. Let it scream. It wasn’t my business.

It was true, I was a pathetic coward. So what?

His eyes and face of this morning flashed again in my face. His hurt expression, his anger, his humiliation masked as resentment, his red eyes, his cut lip. My anger. I felt so angry and furious for what they’ve done to him, that I didn’t think about anything else, but go inside and beat them to bloody pulps.

And now, I was here cowarding back because a hyper and weird girl had me call “boyfriend”? Was I really being this pathetic in front of that Roman guy, that couldn’t wait for anything more than to find me at fault to kick my ass? Was I backing down? Me? Emmett Johnson? What a bad joke.

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