Ch. 25 (Part 1)

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Hello dear all :-) I want to apologize for letting you wait this long for the update, but I already explained the reasons. Here comes ch. 25 part 1.. yes, because it's coming out longer and given it's approaching the end, I prefer to write it without rushing.

It's Emmett's birthday and Shane says you have to wish him Happy Birthday!! :-)) I really hope you'll enjoy it, so let me know! Thank you sooo much for your amazing and wonderful support and I'll try to answer all the messages. 

You already know this week the summary and cover of Enna and Roman story is coming out: "Fallen for an angel" :-)

Dedicated to all of you and in particular to BigDaddyBamBam as a huge thank you!! :-)))

On the right ... yep, that's what Shane wears ;-)



I clicked the “submit payment” button and after few seconds I received the confirmation of the payment and the confirmation flight code. I stared at it and felt like butterflies in my tummy going crazy and I began to smile apparently for no reasons.


I had just bought and completed Emmett’s birthday present and couldn’t wait to surprise him the way he surprised me and I bloody was sure he wasn’t expecting anything of the sort and I was bloody sure he would fuss about it and say I shouldn’t waste my money like this and blah, blah, blah...whatever. It wasn’t a waste of money, as for me it was the very first time I was able to properly do something of the sort to the person I loved. Enna had lent me his prepaid card, since I still didn’t have one, and I just gave him back the money. It was actually funny to sneak around to organize this and I chuckled thinking about it.

“Everything done, Shane?” Roman asked me walking into the room and leaning on the doorframe.

“Yes, thank you for letting me use your computer; I didn’t want Emmett to find this out, well, not yet.” He shook his head and smiled.

“I bet he’ll have something to say on the matter.”

“You can bet your bollocks.” I snorted, knowing very well Em’s nature, like he was the one to talk. He had done so much for me and I had to give up about college’s fees, because I couldn’t find a way to change his mind and at the end had to agree with him paying most of it. Well, a bit more than just most of it. “But I hope he’ll like it.”

“He’ll love it, Shane.” Enna walked into the room and stopped by his man, wrapping his long and thin arms around his powerful waist. “Please take pictures and send us a postcard and once you guys are back, you are all invited here for a dinner party.”

Roman smiled at him and kissed his temple. I looked at them feeling my lips curve in an understanding smile and then thanked Enna; he honestly loved to cook for people he loved and by now my friend loved Emmett.

“Thank you, I’m sure Em will love it, he says you’re awesome at cooking.” I mocked my boyfriend’s American accent in pronouncing the word “awesome” and Roman smirked. I checked the time and realized it was better to go. “Better get going, Em will be at home soon and want to surprise him with dinner.”

“I’ll drive you home, so you’ll save time.” Roman offered. “You will need to print the tickets, am I correct? I suppose you chose the online check-in.”

“Yep, had to, because it’s cheaper. Bloody hell, that company might be cheap, but it such a pain in the ass with all the extra things. Good thing we’ll stay over just for two nights, therefore who cares about checked bags.” I rolled my eyes thinking about the fecking crazy prices this low-cost company had for checked-bags, extra kilos and the like. “Mind if I come over next week to print them out? We’ll leave in ten days, so still have time.”

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