Ch. 24 (Part 1)

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Good Sunday afternoon to all of you! Finally I am updating this story and I am sorry for taking longer than expected..

Hope you'll enjoy it, Jordan and Alice arrived in Dublin and now the last issues will be faced..Jordan has an idea for Emmett, but what does Em think of it? This is part 1 and part 2 will come in few days :-) Let me know what you think and thank you very much for your messages and comments!!!

Dedicated to all of you and in particular to xxJozyzz: thank you dear for your message and support!! xox

On the right a picture of Jordan :-)



“Em...ahh....fuck...” I was about to go out of mind here and he simply smirked and deliberately traced the length of my throat with his hot tongue slowly, while even more slowly but strongly pounding inside me. “You bloody...ahh...teaser..”

“Hmm, to hear you like this..”

Arrogant tool.

I managed to grabbed his forearms and shot him my best provoking smirk, then slowly began to rotate around him, letting one of my hands slide from his arm to my thigh, up my hip and slipping on my pulsing member, stroking it while challenging his stare. Emmett kept still simply looking at me and I decided to play lewder, seeing how that affected him immediately; he growled and in a blink snatched my wrists and pinned them above my head, leaning down for a voracious kiss that silenced my crying and moaning when he began to penetrate faster and harder, each time deeper, each time sending me closer to craziness. I tried to set my hands free and after struggling, he let them go; I nailed his back and wrapped my legs around it, having him breaking the kiss to hiss and groan in pleasure. I matched my pace with his and after few bloody hard thrust we came so fecking insanely that no doubts our neighbours heard us.

I was breathing hard and Emmett rested partially on me avoiding to crash me down with his weight, because even though I had muscles and all, my body sure wasn’t as big and muscular as his. Em softly brushed my collarbone with his nose and the hair tickled my face. I heard his content humming and felt his fingers travelling up and down my side; he wasn’t completely sated, that I knew it very well, but we didn’t have much time left. His sister and friend were arriving in few hours and we needed to arrange the apartment, since Emmett refused to let them stay at a hotel. I think it was the right decision and I had a mix of curiosity and anxiety rolling inside me; I was eager to meet them and beyond happy for my boyfriend, but at the same time I was tense and slightly afraid...It’s true we met on Skype, but we were now going to meet for real.

“Hey my sexy devil, don’t over think or analyze anything, you hear me? You already met them and talked with them and you know Alice is crazy about you. Jordan likes you, too, so..” He had guessed my thoughts.

In these past two weeks we had grown closer and more intimate and Emmett often didn’t need me to tell him what was on my mind, he would understand just looking at me. I never had such a relation or bond with anyone else in my life, not even friends that would understand me that well. Not even Enna and Roman would guess by just one glance.

“How do you always know what’s on my mind?” I asked honestly curious.

“I feel it Shane, don’t know exactly how to explain it, it’s a feeling, a shiver running down me and telling me how you are.” He had rolled on his side and was now looking at me resting his head on the palm of his hand. He was tracing imaginary lines on my chest and abs, smiling. “And really, you don’t need to be nervous, because to be honest, I’ll need you for sure. I am calm and compose now, but this won’t last long, believe me.”

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