All you need is ME (MxM)

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My second story here, not exactly a boyxboy, more a manxman. Tomorrow I will update the first chapter, for now only the title and descpription.


Emmett is a broken man, in just a year he had lost everything. His brilliant career in the NBA with a stellar contract, the fame and glory, his family, his fiancée abandoned him when he most needed her, when he most needed an anchor to keep him from sinking to the lowest point.

An accident, his knee, the painkillers, the media pressure, the doping. The end, period.

He sank to the lowest point, ate the dirt of that hole, breathed the putrid air and finally got sick of all that.

Now Emmett lives on far side of the Atlantic Ocean, in the small, but colourful Dublin. Nobody knows him and he is content with that. However, his past nightmares keep hunting him, the regret eats his soul day after day.

He is alive, but inside he is empty and arid.

Then he meets someone, a young brat with a natural talent for getting on your nerves. Another broken and abandoned soul. Another wrecked soul who loathes with all his passion self pity and other’s commiseration, but hides a secret.

Will Emmett sink lower and end eaten by his own regrets or will he find the force and guts to react and win all of his prejudice?

Can a broken soul repair another broken soul?

Important Note: All the characters, situations and names are just a product of my imagination, it is all fictional and therefore do not refer to real persons and situations. The entire story is of my property and my fictional creation; plot, idea, story, characters are of my original creation.

Copyright © TheWitchAndTheCat, 2013

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