Ch. 23

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Hi dear all :-) Here comes chapter 23 and we see how Emmett and Shane face his family and how things go.. what do you expect from that?

Hope you'll enjoy it, if there are some errors according the legal details, please don't get mad, I made some research, but didn't go into deep to be honest.. well, let me know!

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Dedicated to all of you and in particular to feministgrrrl1001, hoping you'll like it, thanks for your lovely comments xox

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"I will pick you up when school is over, is that clear? Don't go home alone or anything else, I'll be there and then we'll go see my lawyer and hear what he has to say. He'll contact those vermin this morning and see what they say; I honestly believe my lawyer is an idiot, but apparently he's the best around here and I couldn't have the former attorney I had back in the US. Ha, she's a damn shark and not this shrimp." Emmett placed the mug of coffee on the table and shook his head.

I chuckled at that and thought how American he was looking now, talking about his lawyer and commenting on his efficiency or not. I knew Em deep down wanted to sue my uncle's family and have them rot in jail, but here things weren't working in that way and I wanted none of that bloody pain in the ass.

"I'll wait for you, don't worry. I want this over as much as you do, well; I think more than you do."

"No, it's the same for me, believe me, Shane. I made him check them out and see whether they possess any weapon and he assured me they do not." I chuckled out loudly at that and he snorted at my laughing, probably not understanding what was so funny about. "It's not a joke and it's not funny. I know they sent you to the hospital a couple of times with broken bones and how you faked saying it was because of rugby, given you don't even play rugby."

He had suddenly darkened and his voice was hard and serious. I bet me bollocks it had been Roman the one that told him so; it didn't bother me, I had no secrets for Emmett and I could see he was worried as well about today. And he was right, my uncle and cousin weren't stable person, but bloody drunk most of the time; Em wasn't taking this as a joke or anything, he was making sure no troubles would rise.

I knew they didn't want me there, but I also knew how much they enjoyed beating me and calling me names. It frightened me the idea of them wanting to pull more from Emmett, wanting to find excuses to create more fecking problems, but...I knew Em wouldn't allow any of this. He was set on belligerent mood and he was going to win the entire war and take no prisoners.

"Roman told you, right?" I asked him reaching for his hand gripping the fork with murderous grip.

"Yeah, he told me and Enna explained me, too. You think I am crazy and over worrying, but I just want to make sure. The lawyer didn't want to follow my advice and I had to take all of extra precautions and have everything under control in case they decide to meet at their place and I damn know that's what they're going to choose." He let go of the fork and took my hand, studying its skin and then turning to look at the palm. His eyes darted up and shot me a burning gaze. "Come here."

I pushed back the chair and stood up, going to Emmett and sitting on his laps. Strong arms went around my whole body and clutched me almost to choke my breath; Em rested his head on mine and made a long and deep exhale.

"You mean everything for me, Shane, and I just want you to be completely free from them and live here with me without a care or problem. Don't worry, I got everything under control and if they'll dare pull out anything, they'll be fucked." In that moment I thanked God from my heart and soul for letting me meet Emmett. Roman said many times how Enna was his angel and how meeting Enna changed his life; well, it was the same for me. Emmett was my angel, if you could compare someone like him to an angel, but that's what he was.

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