Ch. 4

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Going home the following day had been a bloody hellish experience. From one side they were glad I kicked away my sorry ass from their house, from the other they had however to take it out to someone and I was there after school.

My aunt, fish finger and smash potatoes’ Queen, ranted at me so much, that after a while I decided to turn deaf. The hell with them. I waited patient for her to finish her bloody rant and then took my bag and ran to the soccer field, where my lads were waiting for me.

We played all afternoon and made me feel so much better. God bless the soccer game!

Some of the teammates were real tools and took every occasion for calling me names and stuff, but they knew I wasn’t an easy going sham on that, so after a couple of dirty trick on the field, they shut their bloody mouth. Them aside, my other friends were cool, didn’t care much about it, as long as I didn’t fall for them.

In me hole.

I told them with my heart to not fear for it, they weren’t exactly my type, if you know what I mean. Plus, they were all younger than me.

After the game I jumped into a bus, not caring much if I stank or was covered in mud and green. They didn’t give a bollocks, anyway. Grand.

I walked up to Grafton Street and wandered in St. Stephen Park, hoping to see again that guy, not sure what I would do or say, but I had to see him again. It was stupid, know that, just because he was there once, didn’t mean he spent all of his time there, but that was all I knew. Oh, the gym, but wasn’t going to waste money in a gym, had them really tight. I wandered around a bit, looking everywhere, but nothing.

Alright, time to go back to my hell hole.


I went on with the same routine for the entire week, not having much luck and I was about to give up, it’s not me style to waste that much time and effort just for someone. Even if that someone was that bloody hot and sexy.

I was kicking the ball in the meanwhile and then scratched my neck, hissing and cursing under my breath. My rat-arsed uncle had hit me pretty much hard last night and no ice made it better. Bloody hell. I kicked the ball with all my anger and resentment, not caring I was in a park with people and kids walking about. Had to let it out in some fucking way.

“Hey, you brat, that’s a nasty habit you have.” Someone yelled at me, with a very pissed off voice and an impossible to forget American accent.

He was there, standing with my soccer ball in his hands, a gym bag on his back, blue hoodie and sort of basketball shorts. His legs ... his legs were strong and muscular and quite long, oh, that was some fucking hot view. And then I checked his eyes, still a bit dull, but flashing like last time, with their amazing light hazel shade.

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