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Hello dear all :-)) I am sorry because I said I would post the epilogue sooner, but couldn't make it, but here it comes and I  hope you'll enjoy it. Let me please know!

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This is the epilogue and the story is now completed. I'll soon begin to post "Fallen for an angel", Enna and Roman story.

I dedicate this chapter to all of you, fans and readers as a huge and warm thank you!!! It's sad this story has reached its conclusion, but what can I say... it's a happy conclusion.

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I chucked the shirt in the bag and pulled over my t-shirt the purple and yellow Lakers jersey; I handed to the taxi driver the money and grabbing my bag I ran out of the car and darted towards the main entrance of the stadium. Damn, I was late, I knew it, but it wasn’t my fault. The class and meeting we had before with that professor went longer than expected and at the end we began to talk about recent discoveries and the latest experiment conducted at the CERN on neutrinos and given he was a bloody crazy fan of Einstein the same way I was, well, we lost ourselves along with a couple of colleagues and a professor talking about light speed, the experiments made at that centre and more and more. Only when I peeked at the clock on the wall I loudly cursed and excused myself. They smiled, already used to my weird and Irish accent and my fecking cursing and wished me good bye.

And, believe it or not, used and not caring at all about my being openly and proudly gay and in love with the most handsome, wonderful, arrogant, caring and wild man. Of course my relationship with Emmett wasn’t a bloody secret and it would have been quite the task to keep it a secret, because he was one of the most famous public figures living in Los Angeles and in that matter he hasn’t changed one bit.

I flew through the doors and showed my special pass when the guards tried to stop me and asked me for the ticket. Bloody hell, I was already late, just let me pass, I mean, everyone already knew my face around here and sure my man’s popularity and fame contributed to that no little. Me bollocks no little. It was entirely thanks to my arrogant and full of himself and absolutely love of my life man that all around the NBA fans and in Los Angeles my face was known.

Alright, let’s take a step back because I see you are not following me anymore.

Almost three years ago Alice and Jordan married around Boston and we all flew over there to take part at the ceremony and it’s been one of the best and most joyful days we ever experienced all together. Enna and Roman had a great time and took another week of vacation to travel around the States, while Ciara and Anka flew back and my friend took care a bit of her brother’s business whilst he was on holiday. Yes, Ciara has been working with Enna at his salon and now they’re both owner and she actually added an extra room to manicure and make up, in which she was spectacular.

But back to us, at Alice’s wedding someone approached Emmett, said Mr. Warren, and asked him if they could speak in private about an idea he had in mind. I already knew what that was about, because Jordan told me the manager of the Lakers had contacted him looking for an assistant coach and Emmett’s name came out immediately and apparently Mr. Warren’s eyes sparkled with interest. I wasn’t though sure of the outcomes and it was only a chance, a possibility and nothing more. Jordan said himself that he had nothing to do with that, he just praised his friend, but he assured it wasn’t necessary, because Emmett was well known in the NBA scene and even though he made a mistake, they all recognized his innate and brilliant talent and charisma, something of vital importance once you need to lead and coach such a team.

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