Ch. 25 (Part 2)

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Hello dear all :-) I am finally updating part 2 and I am sorry for the long wait, but as I said, I have very little time to write... but don't worry, I'll try my best not to make you wait too long :-)

Hope you'll enjoy this part from Emmett POV and their romantic weekend in Venice..what will happen and what they'll say to each other? Let me know and THANK YOU sooooo much for your message and comments: love them all! xox

On the right a pic of Venice and a mask and please listen to the music while they are gazing the Venetian panorama..don't listen to the words, but just to the melody..

Dedicated to all of you and in particular to rain_water as a thank you for having my stories in your library, thank you! xox

Enjoy and pay attention to the author's note!


I felt Shane’s soft and velvety lips on me, his voice whispering something, but couldn’t really understand, so I tried to stir in my sleep and then my body woke up first and registered his touch and so my hands jerked on his wrists. He shifted slightly over the covers and heard him softly chuckle; I opened my eyes and ...

Oh sweet Lord.

My eyes widened to take in the whole view of this divine and beautiful creature straddling my laps and glancing at me with mischievous and playful smile, knowing how this was affecting me. Was Shane an sprite of the woods? God, my breathing grew immediately faster and deeper, along with my heart beating and blood rushing. Everything in me stirred and growled, now completely awake. I swallowed more and seized his sensual hips that were slowly teasing me and his smirked went more subtle and wicked.

Shane was standing there straddling me completely naked and wearing a black and filigree mask probably made of some thin and shining dark metal. I don’t even start in describing the way that mask made him look, because right now I had no enough words for it. I know it wasn’t anymore merely stirring me, but arousing me to insane level and him being stark naked sure didn’t help in trying to calm down.

Oh dear me, he looked to lose sanity and I wasn’t exaggerating. He was an ethereal blissful view and at the same time, an outrageously tempting and sensual vision; I was completely struck and didn’t know what to say or do.

“Happy Birthday Emmett.”

I couldn’t tear my eyes off him and so I kept staring at my man and sexy devil as if possessing him and I could tell he felt the turmoil of my emotions and my raging hard-on, because he smirked more and leaned closer with the purpose to provoke me more.

“Shane...” Damn, my voice sounded so thick with desire and so husky.

“Happy Birthday Emmett. I love you.” I stared at him in trance and he connected his luscious lips with mine and immediately felt his hot tongue rubbing mine in a dazzling assault and when I tried to control the kiss because I was about to burst, he forced me back and dear me, that fired me even more and heard myself growling like some feral animal. His smirk teased my mouth and damn it, he clearly knew what was provoking in me his behaviour and to top it, my brat broke the kiss and stared at me looking even more enticing. My chest was rising in deep and raw breaths and my eyes completely wide swallowing every inch of his sinful body. My thumb went on his wet lips and caressed them, making my desire jolt in want. They felt so soft and ready to be devoured.

Our eyes met and in that moment everything stopped. It was like falling in love with Shane all over again.

God, I loved this brat with all my heart and soul and everything of me belonged with him.

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