Ch. 24 (Part 3)

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I am finally posting part 3 of chapter 24 and we have  a short Alice POV... Sorry didn't update before, but couldn't make it.. Hope you'll enjoy it, let me know!

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The days went by in a flash and it seemed only yesterday Alice and Jordan came over to visit us, but it’s been almost a week already. We visited all sort of places in Dublin and went another time to have few one-on-one and Shane took few pictures of us and even a video; we visited outside Dublin following the line of the DART and saw Howth, which was a lovely little place right outside the capital and then Malahide and its castle. It felt like to be on holiday with Shane, even though he couldn’t come one day with us because of his duties; it was nice anyway to walk around with him and see new places and landscapes. We decided to visit London in summer and then to fly to the US to spend a couple of weeks with Alice.

Shane was thrilled by the idea, because he had never travelled out of Ireland and personally I couldn’t wait to see the world with him. My sister and friend were having a great time and we talked so much that many times we almost fell asleep on the couch and Jordan woke up slightly later in the morning and when we teased him about getting old he told us to kiss his ass. He hasn’t changed one bit, he was still the same old Jordan. I pressed him another time to talk to Alice and he promised me he would. I damn hope so.

Shane and I had our wild nights and I had no ideas whether we really kept extremely quiet and silent or if they decided to ignore it and pretend never heard anything. To be honest, didn’t care much, I was a grown up man and not anymore a teen-ager that had to hide it from his family. The desire of having Shane never diminished, if any, it only increased day by day. Talking about family, we never heard a word from Shane’s family and I was so damn glad about it, because just one wrong word would have meant hell for them, but they didn’t. They took the money and really left Shane alone.

Now I was looking at my brat, sitting on a bench of St. Stephen Green Park and exchanging messages with Enna; tomorrow night they were supposed to come over my place for dinner, but he insisted in wanting to cook something and there was no way to make him changed his mind, so I just gave up and let him have fun. No doubt that other bastard was probably there reading the messages, too, and just staring in adoration at his man. Seriously, they were quite the match. My eyes stopped at Shane’s messy and dark blonde hair and the sun made them shine of a ginger hidden shade and they look really wild, but beautiful; and his eyes were something I would look at for hours without getting tired. They reflected the light of the sun and shun even more bright and liquid, almost waving in fluid jade and blue.

He probably felt my stare, because he slightly tilted his head to the side and smiled in that typical way of his, looking like a provoking and troublesome brat. It was actually here we met for the first time, damn, I still remembered it very well, especially the ball he kicked on my face. And the way he suddenly kissed me and said he was gay and interested in me.

“Hey Shane, you remember we met here the first time?” I asked him lying down on his laps and enjoying the fine weather and cool breeze.

“Very well, sham. You had quite an attitude that day.” I snorted and he winked.

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