Ch. 15 (Part 2)

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Here is part 2 of chapter 15 and I really hope you'll enjoy it.... it's  a very intense chapter.

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Seeing Shane that happy and smiling was heart-warming.

I wasn’t sure I ever really cared that much for someone or cared to make someone feel good. Sure, I thought I loved my ex fiancé, but that wasn’t the case. I realized after what happened that I never really loved her, I don’t think that I never actually loved any of the girls or women I had. My most known characteristic was to be a damn player and the press always published pictures of me with beautiful models and named them the new girlfriend, even if they were only one nightstand.

And now?

Now I cared deeply for this young brat, for this provoking and sometimes irritating brat and I just wanted to give him something. It was beginning to be more than just “something”. I wanted to make him forget what he had experienced in the past. As if you could easily do that. Snap out of it, Emmett. He’ll never really forget what he went through, but probably if I tried really hard and kept at bate my pathetic side, his memories would fade paler and more distant.

I was still surprised at how my body reacted to him, at how he madly affected me. The fact was that it was damn powerful being with him, touching him and sending him crazy; I knew I had to control my arrogant temper and the need to control and be in charge, because sometimes that took him aback and almost scared him. I would never do anything to harm him or anything he wouldn’t want me to do. I swear it, but it was true that Shane aroused me to quite dangerous levels. Everything was rougher and stronger with him, not sure if that was because he was a guy, but believe me, I felt every ounce of control and restriction blowing up. Everything in me screamed to have him and make him moan under me in shameless pleasure, it wasn’t easy to restrain myself, but since the first time we kissed, I felt something in me.

I felt I couldn’t simply jump in bed with him and have a one night fuck and then goodbye. No. That was wrong, harsh, stupid. I had no idea and still didn’t know why I felt like that. Maybe I instinctively realized Shane had experienced something bad and unspeakable; that could be a reason.

Well, I didn’t exactly restrain myself completely, but you have to understand, I was intrigued by him, Shane provoked many things in me and I had to see how far I could go with a guy. Now, not with a random guy. Just with Shane. And shit, I could go fucking everywhere with Shane; actually, what I wanted to do, was insane.

I knew we were into something, didn’t know yet what; it was all new to me. But it wasn’t anymore just trying. We had opened up to each other, he told me his past and I partially did the same, he met Alice and I became protective of him.

Were we in a relationship? I had no idea.

Sure thing was, Shane was only mine and I would never admit him going with or seeing anyone else. I would not tolerate it and I had to make that clear.

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