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The story has a mature background and problems, is a mature boyxboy or more a manxman story, so if you don't like it or you think it's not for you, consider before reading it.

For now, enjoy xox


AUTHOR'S NOTE: the story used to have 3 private chapters, 12-19-23, but finally this function is no longer available and so, all the chapters are now public :)  So please let me know if you have problems in finding them, but I believe you shouldn't.
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AUTHOR'S NOTE: I am sorry, but the story is NOT edited, therefore I sincerely apologize for the errors. I will edit it as soon as possible. Thank you for your kind understanding!

Have you ever fucked up big time your life?

Have you ever messed everything so badly up that there was no hope to getting back to normality?

Have you ever touched the lowest point and scratched the dirt with your fingers, nails, ate it and stayed there unable to move, or think or make your fucked up brain work?

Well, all of these things happened to me and I can guarantee it really stinks and suffocates you, everything crashes down on you and squashes you so much that it is fucking painful.

What happened, you ask?

Well, I fucked up big time my whole life.

I had everything, but apparently nothing.

Seeing later how things turned out.

I had left only one thing. No, actually two.

My beloved sister, that would be there for me always, the only sincere, true and pure person that helped me out and cared about me. She still does, even if far away.

And, my now lame and dull talent. Yeah, I still had it, but that gave me no more joy and sense of superiority like years ago.

Yeah, I fucked up big, big time.

What happened, again?

Persistent, aren’t we?

Well, if you must know, I was a star in the national basketball association (NBA) in the States, had a stellar contract with one of the best team ever, where my heroes played. So it was like a dream coming true. And it did come true, it was incredible, so brilliant that turned me blind.

So with money and popularity came also a gorgeous and perfect girlfriend, the most beautiful chick that everyone envies you and that every male dreams about. But she didn’t have only the looks, she was smart and sweet and caring. Well, so I thought.

She wasn’t, she was just like anyone else. Nice and sweet when things go according her way, when things are easy and perfect. When something began to turn differently, well, she became different as well and showed colours I had never seen.

And that I didn’t like.

My family.

My beloved and 24/7 present family.

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