Ch. 8

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I was completely pressed and melted in Emmett’s arms, which were wrapping me so bloody hard and strong that almost cut off the air in my lungs.

We kissed more and longer, he was the best kisser I’ve ever met...I lost myself before, getting for sure in some arse situation. But I couldn’t help it. I liked Emmett, for some bloody strange reason I liked him at first and I understood that if I were to let it go and give up, I’d lose him for good.

He needed actually to be pushed. Pushed and kicked from his fucking pathetic shell.

Alright, not gonna press too much with questions for tonight.

His mood swings were sort of scaring; in a way, it was like another Emmett was there, and they were fast, bloody fast and intense. I wondered how he really was, what his real nature was. I bet the aggressive and full of himself one.

He stopped the kiss and I growled in annoyance.

Bloody hell. That was another thing quite fucking annoying. Interrupting a hot moment. If that keeps coming, it’ll drive me bloody insane and frustrated.

“C’mon, Shane. Let’s go to bed, I’m honestly tired, you got me a headache and you have school tomorrow.” He said moving carefully away. I think he realized he behaved bloody harsh before.

“I got you a headache? Me bollocks, you got me one. Your mood swings will probably get me crazy.” His eyes flashed and I thought I’d just earn another fucking angry moment. But nothing like that happened.

He chuckled, tired and drained.

“I think you are crazy enough, Shane. So no worries in that department.” He joked. Fuck, he could actually joke, that was a revelation.

I crossed my arms in front of my chest and casted a dirty look, not naughty, just dirty, to fake annoyance and indignation.

“Amn’t crazy, sham. You’re.”

He considered that and shook his head, his thoughts now lost somewhere I couldn’t reach even if I wanted to.

“Yeah, probably you’re right, brat.”

He got up: bloody hell, what a view.

I stared at him and his start naked body shamelessly, basically eating him with my wide open eyes and drooling eyes, my hands itchy to touch him. His ass was a bloody masterpiece of male art. It was round, firm, muscular and bet as hard as bloody rock. My mouth watered, wanting to let the tongue explore every inch of it. How was I going to sleep tonight? Me bollocks. That’d be impossible. I wanted Emmett.

He turned to see why I didn’t move and caught my brash and staring look. He smirked and his eyes lightened of something else different, like satisfaction or egotism.

“Like what you see, brat?” His tone was confident and playful.

It pissed me off when he called me brat, but in this very moment, I felt like a brat in front of his bloody impressive body and member, not that mine was small or anything, quite the opposite, still... I swallowed hard, because I bloody wanted that man.

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