Ch. 24 (Part 2)

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Hi dear all :-) Here comes part 2 of chapter 24, but have to say part 3 is coming in few days... it came out a bit longer than expected.

Hope you'll enjoy it and let me know what you think! Thank you soooo much for your message, commentns and everything, you make my time!

Dedicated to all of you and in particular to francescafurious hoping you'll like it and because I like her story "Hunted".

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As usual I woke up before the alarm and I set it off, seeing it still wasn’t time for Shane to wake up. He was stretched beside me, one arm across my chest and the other folded under his pillow, his head tickling my bicep. I just kept there a moment carefully rolling on my side to look at him sleeping and I thought about everything that happened recently; he was sleeping peacefully and my fingers went on his skin, wanting to caress its softness and warmth. I wasn’t able to express how he made me feel and what he meant for me. These past two weeks felt like a honeymoon in a way, because we couldn’t stop cuddling, making love and simply being together and talk about everything.

I managed to convince Shane to go to college and it took quite the effort, believe me. He could be so damn stubborn sometimes that his head could be used as a battering ram, I’m telling you, but Enna helped in that and I was really grateful for that. He would work during summer and find a part time job once it was college time, but only because he wanted to contribute and be able to pay something of his own expenses. I respected that and tried to refrain from wanting to get him everything he needed and wanted, because I understood how he felt and Shane was a very prideful person and I could see the fact it wasn’t easy to get used to have someone taking care of you so suddenly after you spent your life taking care of yourself. But I would do everything for Shane.

I rested my head on the palm while the elbow sank in the pillow and just looked at him. I thought about what Jordan told me and in a way the idea was electrifying and tempting, because basketball was the passion of my life, ok, aside my brat. It was what I wanted to do and what had always been part of me, but it wasn’t that easy and anyway, I would never leave Shane or force him to take a drastic decision. In case something would be possible in the future and believe me, I hardly think so, I will discuss with Shane and it would be a common and shared choice.

A soft chuckled left my mouth and I shook my head. Jordan and Alice were right; I had changed. I wasn’t only an arrogant and full of myself bastard in the past, but quite the selfish and self-centred douche. Right, I wasn’t exactly the best and nicest dude out there and it’s quite a miracle my sister loved me so much and Jordan never gave up on me. My brat probably heard me, because he shifted slightly and his hand moved, looking for mine, and then he mumbled something, his voice thick with sleep and accent. I couldn’t understand if he was still asleep or not, so I simply laced my fingers with his. He crawled closer to me and tasting my body with his hand, he hugged me and snuggled on my collarbone. I closed my eyes and inhaled deeply. This proximity was setting me on fire, I swear it.

“Emmett?” He murmured on my skin.

“Hmm?” I began to stroke his dark blonde mess, which had a very faint reddish tint.

“Can I skip school and stay the whole morning in bed with you?” Argh, very tempting the idea, but better not and anyway Alice and Jordan were probably about to wake up.

“Very tempting, Shane, but no. You can’t skip school and anyway, you forget about my sister and Jordan?”

He snorted something about school that I didn’t catch and then lazily opened his eyes, smiling.

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