Ch. 9

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The alarm went on at the usual time and after the first ring, I immediately turned it off. I like to wake up quite early, do some work out before breakfast and before going to work. Shane was still sleeping and looked like he didn’t hear it. We were basically in the same position we fell asleep, the only difference was one of his leg tangled between mine. I tried to quietly slip away and let him sleep. He said he didn’t have school today, so there wasn’t any harm in sleeping a bit longer.

He looked relaxed and serene, as if he was having a good sleep. His hair were more tousled than normal, the typical bed head. When I moved away he stirred a bit, but didn’t wake up. I walked in the bathroom and splashed my face with cold water. Now was completely awake. I went into my studio, which wasn’t a studio, but a room I used to work out and sat on the weight lifting bench. I needed to let my mind go free and try to think about what happened last night.

Strangely enough, I didn’t have any regrets or second thoughts, well, for now. It’s been actually pleasant to wake up beside Shane; I couldn’t remember last time I woke up beside someone and felt calm and rested.

I lifted more weights, letting my muscles flex and bent, pull and push. It was a nice feeling and helped me a lot. I went then to make sits up.

Sweat worked down my body and rolled down my neck, wetting my t-shirt and time passed by.

“Now I see why you have such a hot and strong body.”

It was Shane, he was leaning on the doorframe, wearing only my pair of shorts. His head was a complete dark blonde mess, but his eyes pierced mine.

“Did I wake you up?”

“Nah, I just turned and felt no one beside me, so I thought you maybe ran away freaking out.” He was smirking and joking, but I could tell he was at the same time edgy and slightly nervous, studying my face and trying to find whether it had any traces of regret.

“No freaking out, sorry brat.” I sat up and grabbed the towel on the bench. “Want some breakfast?”

“Thanks, well, if it’s not a problem.” His eyes smouldered of jaded liquid blue. They were indeed beautiful. I shook my head and brushed my neck with the towel.

“Need a shower first, but I can make you a coffee in the meanwhile. What do you usual eat?” Not sure I had much in the fridge and around the kitchen.

“Anything is grand for me.” He answered, seeing his eyes hungrily travelling me and my body. Well, that was a nice feeling.

I told him to follow me and made him some coffee, lucky enough to find some milk.

“Just sit there or watch TV, whatever. I’m gonna take a shower.” I explained, handing him the mug.

He took and intentionally touched my fingers.

“Want me to help you wash your back?” He proposed, with smirking and provoking eyes, shining of their usual dark light.

“Is that a real offer or not?” I decided to keep up with his tone.

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