Ch. 19

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Hello my dear all :-) Here is chapter 19 and I honestly hope you'll enjoy's quite a mix of many things, you'll see...

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I think it's possible to see another new side of Shane and Emmett in this chapter and ... Alice is here with that surprise call and you all guess now how might be there...

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I left the studio and apparently things were easy and quick. The fact Shane was already over eighteen made everything less complicated and didn't need to involve any social service or whatever else. It clarified what Enna and Roman already told me and the fact the only legal obligation he had was to attend school and those social works regularly, but nothing else.

The lawyer said there was no need to increase the sum of the money, but I just said to do it anyway, to make sure they would be really shut up. Somehow, I hoped they wouldn't shut up, so to give me the chance to beat the crap out of them. Only talking about those worthless vermin my bloody started to boil and so did my anger.

I had to take him out of that place and I was doing it; these past nights I slept with an eye open so to say, ready to jump out in case the phone would ring. I know it sounded crazy and exaggerate, but I saw what they were capable of and yesterday Roman told me what a couple of times Shane had to go to the hospital. Can you fucking believe it? Hospital. I was so tempted to sue them for life, but I knew the brat would hate me for that and I had no intention of hurting him or causing him any more stress. I had promised him and no more running away.

The only detail left was to talk to Shane about it and make him accept it; no negative answer was going to be tolerated or accepted. He had to come and stay with him and end of the discussion. I had just a draft of the paper and the lawyer said it'd be ready by next Tuesday. Perfect. It meant I had the entire weekend to use to convince that stubborn brat. And be sure I will do it. I was Emmett Johnson and there was no way in hell I would admit a refusal.

Argh. It wasn't just that; it wasn't just because of who I was. I stopped before entering the gym and paused a moment. When has been last time I felt this fierce, belligerent, resolute, burning with determination and resolve? I don't even know. Years ago. Being with Shane brought back so much to me and at the same time gave me so much new and unexpected. It was incredible, it was like feeling alive again, but as well for the first time; did that even make sense? I had no idea, but that's how I felt. Back alive again, the king of court and born for the first time.

I let Enna plan the dinner, because let's face it, I sure wasn't good at that and the idea of contacting punks I didn't know or his crazy sister honestly irked me. I was doing this only for Shane and I would cook for him whatever he liked, but I had never been exactly the romantic person. Bet the brat was going to make a fuss over the presents, especially one, but he'll better suck it up and then shut up. No discussion in the department, period. Yes, I was an arrogant and full of myself bastard and I was proud of it, because the old Emmett Johnson was back, with the difference that now I knew what it really meant to care for someone.

The phone rang in the pocket and I answered.

"Mett brother, how are you?" Alice had always that smiling and warm voice. I think she would get along with Enna.

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