Ch. 16

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Hi! Here comes finally ch. 16 of "All you need is ME" and... I have to thank you all of the amazing support and fanning, you're all FANTASTIC!!

Hope you'll enjoy it, Shane and Emmett's relationship is growing and they are bonding more...Emmett is actually thinking of ... you'll see. Let me know what you think, please, love to read your comments!!

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The drive back to Dublin had been quiet, Shane didn’t talk much, although he would try to say something and smile or laugh at what I said. One of his favourite bands had played along the trip, but that didn’t change much the situation. I could see he was thinking about something; he was thinking about going back to his relative’s place and the hidden gloom on his face and the slightly tired attitude of his body had quite an effect on me.

For him it felt as if reality was crushing back in his life and I understood, even if only little, but I did understand him.

When he made that remark about his aunt’s cooking, for a moment I felt a chill of annoyance and anger running down my spine and I wanted to say something, but it wasn’t the moment and the place. Shane had already a lot in his mind; my story was probably still playing and twisting in his head and the fact he hasn’t asked me more about it, meant he was still processing all the information. He knew what it meant to lose your family and having them to turn their back at you. At least I had Alice and she was my angel; Shane had no one. I wished I could do more for him. Thinking about Alice, she liked him and I knew she wanted to keep more in touch. The idea brought a smile on my face; my sister would be amazing also for this brat. She really would.

I silently chuckled.


It was clear in my head that I shouldn’t call him like that, but I couldn’t help it; it pissed him a bit sometimes, but he got already I didn’t mean anymore in that way. It wasn’t anymore meant to call him immature or young.

I had an idea in mind, since last morning, but I hadn’t say yet a word; not sure completely about it, because it meant to take a very big and almost scaring step and I had to be certain hundred percent before speaking. It wasn’t easy to suddenly change your life and be willing to take a considerable risk, because my idea meant to take a significant leap, which might end well or not. I had also made a promise to Shane and I didn’t want to break it. I’ll have to see how things will develop; perhaps the answer will just come by itself.

The fact was that I couldn’t stand either the thought of him going back to that place, not after witnessing what his uncle could do to him and even more not after hearing what happened years ago. Forcing anyway wasn’t the solution, he was without doubt a strong and mature person, he knew what he wanted or so it seemed to me, but Shane was still a little fragile inside. He constantly needed to know a person wouldn’t drop him at the first chance; a person wouldn’t let him behind and chase him away or leave him for good. It was crystal clear, believe me, even if he’ll never admit it; when we had sex the first night and he asked me to not leave him, his eyes pierced me painfully. Shane was strong-minded and more mature for his age, true, but he was still fighting a delicate and messed up situation.

Better to actually not dwell overly long on that particular thought, because it had a very scaring and enraging impact on me. If I were to meet his uncle I had no idea what my reactions could be, even if I knew what Shane told me.

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