Ch. 6

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He had just snorted and said he was gay and wanted me. For crying out loud, what was wrong with this brat? I shook my head. The problem here wasn’t what was wrong with him, but what was wrong with me.

I answered to his kiss, I fucking shoved my tongue in his mouth, made him moan and let my body rule me at its own please and wits. I swallowed really hard, felling my throat getting dry. His hand was still on one of my arms, while I held his shoulder to keep him at distance. We still were touching.

I stared at him, his face a mask of arrogant mockery, his eyes shining a light I never saw in any other person in my entire life. It had almost a hypnotic effect on mine, because it kept my gaze glued on his, unable to tear it away. His lips were smirking in such a cocky and twisted way that made me want to wipe it away once again.

What the hell was going on here?

“What the hell did you say?” I asked, feeling a complete idiot for making him repeat things I gladly didn’t want to hear once again.

He rolled his eyes in annoyance and arched his light eyebrows, then shot me another ambiguous grin, his eyes still glued to mine. God, they were indeed liquid.

“Emmett, I said I want you and I’m not backing off, if that what’s in your mind, lad.”

“Are you out of your mind, Shane? You don’t know anything about me!” My voice was now increasing in volume and seriousness, almost roaring, because reality just hit me painfully.

I kissed a random guy, younger and male, that I didn’t know at all, name aside.

“How can you freak out for a kiss? I take it was the first time you kissed a guy, right?” He provoked, now leaning closer. I tried to keep a safe distance between us.

“What do you need to know about me? You liked anyway the kiss, didn’t you?”

He closed the safe distance, in some way I didn’t understand, and pressed his body on mine. Shane slowly grinded his hips on mine; we both were only wearing shorts made of thin fabric and that had me feel everything of him. As I am sure, he felt everything of me, judging by his triumphal grimace.

“See, why freaking out, sham?”

Shane ran his fingers on my arms, my body completely frozen and paralyzed, disconnected from my brain that was shouting to move and push away the person in front of it. His fingers travelled up to my hair, brushed them and locked between them; he closed his eyes and inhaled deeply, tilting slightly his head on the side. He was enjoying this.

The problem was that also my body was enjoying this, waking up after a long sleep, emerging from a long hibernation of its senses and needs. My mind and consciousness were no longer in charge of me, they had been kicked back and put still.

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