Ch. 13

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Hi dear all! Here comes chapter 13 and I hope you'll enjoy it :-)

We have Shane's past, which is not a simple and easy past to tell and take...let's see how things will go between them. It's entirely from Emmett POV.

Let me know what you think, please vote and comment and whatever, it makes me super happy!! Thank you for reading it :-)))

Dedicated to all of you and especially to DarkBlade, which I know loves Dima, but his story isn't out yet :-) Hope you'll like it anyway, my dear!

On the right, Shane's pic

Btw, the Garda is the Irish police.



This morning Shane left with me, he said he had to meet with a group of friends to play some soccer together and then he had his social works or whatever he had to do. I still didn’t know what was that about, this morning I was a bit in a hurry and Shane was a bit sleepy. So not the best time to start a proper and serious conversation.

I wanted to know everything about him, even though the idea was a bit scaring, because it meant we would grow closer, knowing each other past. My mind was cursing me non-stop and I decided to tune it off and send it to hell. My old inner self couldn’t be happier. Especially after last night. 

Fuck, last night it’s been crazy.


I mean, I went down on a guy, well, not a random guy, but Shane. And I liked it very much. What am I saying? I loved it. It made me feel so much in power and control, to be able to make him moan and whimper and move like that, that it was almost addicting. When he then confessed he had never done anything like that, even better. That was how it was supposed to be: to do crazy stuff only with me, to moan only for me. Because I was the best in that and no one else would ever make him feel like that.

Oh shit.

What was I saying? I was just getting back to my old player self.

This wasn’t good and I had no intention what so ever of going back to that side of me, not with Shane anyway. I promised I wouldn’t hurt him or betray him. And I will not. But shit, the things I would like to do to Shane ... just thinking about it was enough to have me hard.

The fact was that what we did last night taunted me the entire morning and I couldn’t really focus at work. Well, not that I had much to do and most of the time I pretended to pay attention to my colleagues, because they were a damn pain in the neck and annoying. They would blab non-stop about absolutely pointless things, like the rain and the weather. I was sitting there in the teacher office when the other PE teacher came over and sat beside me, purposely shifting her red hair around her slender shoulders. Her name was Aoife Bennet, from somewhere around Cork, and believe me, she had such a damn strong accent that I had some problems to understand her sometimes; it made me question my own English.

She was sort of pretty and more or less around my age, I guess a couple of years older, with bright eyes and fit body. But her eyes were nothing if compared to Shane’s eyes, they were boring and dim if compared to the way his eyes blazed, burned, dances, how liquid and vivid they were, what effect they had on me.

I shook my head to remove for at least a moment his eyes from my mind, because I wasn’t sure what my face was showing at the moment and I sure didn’t need to look horny or whatever the like.

“Emmett, how are you? You seem a bit tired today.” She passed to call me by my name even without bothering to ask if I was fine with that. Which I wasn’t, because I had no interest for her. Still, didn’t want to behave like a rude prick and get in more annoyance.

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