Ch. 21 (Part 1)

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Hello, so I am updating sooner this time "All you need is ME" and yes.. chapter 21 is in 2 parts... 2nd part is coming very soon... It came out long, so decided to have in 2 chs.

Hope you'll enjoy it, Emmett and Enna sure are having the time of their life making everything perfect for Shane... :-) Let me know what you think!

A song from "Social Distortion" and you'll see why ...

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I woke up before Shane on purpose and sneaked out of bed with all the extra caution, but guess nothing was going to wake him up right now, given how deeply and serenely asleep he looked. As usual he was curled around my side, using my chest as pillow and holding tight to my waist; well, I swiftly moved his arm and let him sleep. A long day was ahead of him and sure last night we didn’t take it easy, alright, I didn’t take it easy on him, but hey, he went just as wild as I did and we both felt like celebrating the living and being together.

Yesterday he spent the whole afternoon in a place to help and keep company to old people living alone and in need of some human contact; he said it was part of his social useful work and somehow he liked it, because apparently those persons weren’t depressing or anything bad, simply wanted to talk about their past with someone. Shane was impressive for doing that at his young age, with his background and I wasn’t sure I’d be able to withstand it that effortlessly as he did.

Before sneaking out of the bedroom, I rested a moment sitting at the edge of the bed, just looking at him sleeping. God, the brat indeed was beautiful and sensual and while my eyes lingered at his rosy and velvety lips, at their curves inviting my lips to join it, something stirred in me and agitated, waking up my desire. I silently growled and stood up, leaving the room and heading to the bathroom.

Bet he was going to sulk this afternoon, thinking I wouldn’t join him and his friends for drinks, but got more in program than a simple round of beers in a pub. Actually, I had to thank Enna for finding the right place.

Cold water on my face and neck woke me up completely and after working out a bit and having a quick shower, I made myself a coffee and sat down a moment to make sure everything was going to be ready and done at the right moment; then I paused a moment to reflect over something. Was I somehow behaving as if Shane was more my girlfriend rather than my boyfriend? I mean, of course he was my boyfriend, but I tried to think if all these attentions might make him feel uneasy, given how he grunted he wasn’t a girl whenever I lifted him and carried on my arms. I chuckled; he was actually amusing when he did that. Alright, back to business. I knew Shane was a guy and things were different than with a girl and let me tell you, things with Shane, everything with the brat was way easier and smoother, simply natural and I didn’t need much to filter my thoughts and words with him, he actually didn’t mind any of it.

Would I mind such a thing if made for me? Well, yes from anyone else, but wouldn’t mind it if coming from the brat. No, exactly and I wanted to give him a 20th birthday that would remember till getting old. As I said, the desire and need to make everything as a first time for him with me was powerful and controlling, I needed that and realized he needed that as well. Thus, nothing to worry about. Shane will love it, so get your ass moving Emmett and stop over analyzing stuff, it wasn’t anymore necessary.

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