Ch. 14

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Here is chapter 14 and I am really sorry for the slow and late upload, I will update more this week.

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Shane had a complete shocked expression, he clearly didn’t expect that. Was that so strange for him? I realized this morning, when I talked to Alice, that I wanted to know what my sister thought about me going out with a guy that younger than me. I mean, it was quite a shock for me realizing how much I was attracted to a guy. I wanted to talk about that with Al. Not because I needed her blessing me or anything of the sort, I wasn’t someone that would follow what people tell me to do, but simply because she was my beloved little sister.

“Shane, take your time, I’ll answer in the meanwhile.” I was actually having fun in seeing his usual cocky and arrogant face looking that taken aback.

He just nodded.

I went to my laptop and clicked to answer and Alice’s happy and smiling face appeared on the screen.

“Mett, brother, what took you so long to answer?”

“Sorry, Alice, I’m not alone, that’s why.”

She narrowed her eyes searching my face for any sign of intention of kidding her, because she clearly didn’t believe me.

“Emmett, you’re joking, aren’t you?”

“Alice, c’mon, I told you this morning I met someone.”

“Yeah, that’s true.” She smiled and then made a super silly awing face. “So, is she there?”


“So it’s really true, oh my God, I can’t even begin to tell you how happy I am for you, bro, I was afraid you would never decide to finally see someone else.”

“Al, just relax, will ya?” I snorted at her crazy eardrums’ drilling shouts of happiness. Enough was enough.

Shane had moved from the spot where he was standing and softly drifted towards me, with a very hesitant and nervous walk. I could tell from his face that he was uncertain on what to do. He didn’t make it to me, but stopped before, and I honestly didn’t understand the reason. Was it because of what he told last night? That he was scared of feeling happy? Maybe meeting my sister scared him. But Alice was incredible, she was an angel just like Enna. I’m sure she’ll like Shane at first.

“Mett, did you call or not Jordan? Because he contacted me again, I mean, he really misses you.”

I sighed. I haven’t explained yet everything to Shane. Actually, he knew almost nothing about me.

“I will write him back later, I promise. Ok?”

“Ok. Sorry, I don’t want to bug you and I know you hate that, but he really cares for you and I know you’ll be happy after talking to him.”

I wasn’t sure about that, about being happy, but I didn’t feel like arguing with Al, she could be really stubborn sometimes. Well, it was thanks to her stubbornness that she literally pulled my head out of that dirty hole and cleaned me completely. So maybe she was right this time as well.

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