Ch. 20

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Hello to all of you :-) Here comes ch. 20 and have to say that this wasn't planned, but thought to add it anyway, because it felt right in this way. Hope you'll enjoy it!

Thank you so much for all the votes and comments, this story that started slowly, is now going amazingly and I am so happy!

The music that Emmett and Shane listen is from the singer in the video here on the that music and love the movie where you can listen to that song...

A picture of Enna on the right, seeing how many of you like him and Roman together, thanks :-)

Dedicated to all fans of Emmett and Shane and in particular to SweetLover1, thanks for reading and commenting all of my stories! xox



I was a little still in shock for what had just happened, seeing Jordan suddenly on Skype with my sister and hearing they were about to come over to Dublin. Well, that wasn’t something to digest in just a chat and lucky me Shane was there with me, because the brat kept me calm and relaxed, helped my pathetic side not to run away and freak out; God, he really was unique in everything. How did he do that in just few weeks? Shane changed me so much in such little time that seemed almost unbelievable, but I had realized after short time that being with him and having him around was something that exceeded rationality and logic, it was something unique.

Man, I need to get myself a dictionary, because I was getting repetitive here.

I left Shane talking another bit with Alice, since they were obviously enjoying the chat and then roamed in the kitchen, trying to decide what to cook. I wasn’t exactly hungry, well, I was hungry, but not for food.

Argh...I pressed my forehead on the fridge and sighed. I wasn’t anymore turning into something, because I had already done it. I turned into a Shane craving, into a possessive, jealous, overly worrying and lusting man...actually, boyfriend. A chuckle left my mouth and thought about that word, boyfriend; now it really was official and it didn’t scare me or made me panic or want to run away. Not anymore. It in fact gave me a secure and wrapping feeling, making me feel stronger and really worth of this second chance graciously offered to me.

Was it normal to feel this excited at my age? I know I wasn’t old, but I was around thirty and I felt that overwhelming tickling and burning sensation you have when you’re a teenager, when you experience your first crush, your first kiss, your first boyfriend/girlfriend.

I chuckled more and decided I’d ask the brat about dinner, maybe he had some preferences or wanted to try something new. I checked the time and it was already quite late, perhaps we could simply order from a take-away and speaking of being late, how long were they planning to chat? I wanted my man back, given I was still craving to have him.

Seriously, I needed to control this new side of me, not sure the brat would really appreciate this possessiveness of mine; well, he’ll have to like it, because I knew it wasn’t going to change, considering how my real nature was.

I walked to the living room and hugged Shane from behind; he turned his head and smiled again that incredible carefree and joyous smile. So he really was happy about living here with me and being my man. Well, so was I.

“Alice, how long are you planning to keep Shane here? We still have to get dinner.”

“Well Metty, not my fault you wasted time somewhere else instead of properly taking care of your boyfriend.” She giggled and winked at Shane, twisting her nose like a cute small mouse.

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