Ch. 10

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I opened the door of my personal hellhole with caution, afraid of making any noise. Last time they kicked me out, yesterday, they yelled at me to not show my queer face around for few days. Some of their relatives from Cork were coming over and didn’t want the rant of the house around.

I was bloody glad that fecking relatives came over; it meant few days of bloody holiday for me.

The fecking door cracked slightly and I shut it the most quietly possible behind me. I darted up the stair, bloody ninja style and lunched myself in my shitty bedroom. I locked the door, because my uncle was in the leaving room, probably passed out after his night shift and my jobless cousin was in the kitchen, sure as hell drinking beer. Bloody fat tool.

I grabbed my football bag and tossed inside clean clothes, clean because I washed them myself, books and CDs. I’ll need to spend probably few days with Enna, I couldn’t possibly hoped Emmett would let me stay for longer than today. It was already a miracle he let me stay for the day, not thinking about what happened in the shower.

Bloody hell.

He really did scared me for a minute, he changed his bloody mood in a blink and turned into an aggressive and controlling sex crazed. That bloody shocked me. Good thing he realized it and asked me. He said I was the cause of his mood swings, but I didn’t get bollocks out of it. What the hell he meant?

Didn’t have the time now to think about it. Had to damn hurry and hurry fast.

I literally flew down the stairs, ready to grab to doorknob and get out of there, luckily fine and untouched, but hey, luck is a fecking bitch. With me for bloody sure.

My uncle and my cousin walked in the corridor right then and saw me. That stinky fat-ass didn’t do much, just sneered and called me names, for all I cared, he could burn in hell. But my uncle ... with two strides he was at me, grabbing my jumper.

Hell broke down.

“I told you to fucking stay away from here and you dare to show your filthy face? Do you want to let us all burn in hell? You disgusting sinful cunt.”

He would burn anyway in hell, bloody sure about that.

He shoved me against the door with such strength that I thought he would crack my skull. I gasped and coughed when he flipped me down on the floor with a hook right on my face. Fecking tool. I spat a gush of blood, cause he bloody hit hard. He then spat on me, that drunken knacker. 

“Get the fuck out of here, fag.” He kicked me, but my arms reacted before and I defended my guts from his kick. He would have broken a rib. “Out, little shit.”

I stumbled up, trying to slam deep down my anger, now rising and rising, twitching me and making me shiver. I felt a bloody bitter and poisoned taste in my mouth, I felt sick and about to throw up for the rage in my body. But I wasn’t in the position to lift a bloody finger. I steadied my balance, grabbed my bag, feeling my eyes itching with angry tears, and stormed out from that bloody and stinky hole.

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