Ch. 18

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I didn’t have their numbers, but I remembered where they lived, so I just drove there. I rang the door bell a couple of times and I was getting impatient and annoyed. They should be home at this time, shouldn’t they? I was about to leave, when the door opened and I heard a very musical and soft voice calling my name.

“Emmett? What a lovely surprise.” Enna twitted.

I turned back and almost gasped. Oh God, I had probably just interrupted them in the middle of something. Enna was wearing a pair of sweatpants, which clearly weren’t his, given how they clung on his waist too loose and comfy; aside those, he had nothing else and his hair were messy, his pale skin flushed and his lips redder than usual. I still wondered if Enna was a dude; I mean, he obviously was, but you got my point.

Argh, I so didn’t want to face that arrogant bastard in this particular moment, but I had to.

“Enna, evening, I’m sorry for coming at this time..” I didn’t know exactly what to say, so just dropped the fancy talks and went to the point. “Do you mind if I come in a minute? I need to ask you a couple of things about Shane.”

His face immediately changed and grew more serious and concerned. He took my arm with one of his skinny and pale hands and bored his dark blue eyes on mine.

“Is everything ok with Shane? Did something happen to him? Is he ok? Where is he now? It’s his family, isn’t it?” Wow...he came out with stream of questions one after another at an impressive speed.

“Everything is ok. Relax.” I knew it didn’t sound polite to say that, because he was only concerned about Shane, but when someone attacks me with billions of questions at once, well, it really annoys me. “I just need to ask you guys something about the agreement and arrangement with his family.”

“Oh, I understand now. Sorry Emmett, when I am worried, I tend to talk very fast and ask many questions in one breath.” He giggled and stepped aside to let me in.

“It’s ok, I understand you.” I smiled and then closed the door behind.

I heard that Roman guy calling his man from somewhere in the house.

“My angel, are you still at the door? Who the hell just interrupted us?” His voice didn’t sound too pleased and had that arrogant and dark note it had last week.

He walked to the corridor and I saw he was wearing nothing but a pair of shorts. I wasn’t wrong the first time I met this bastard; he was indeed equipped with strong muscles and I noticed that the tattoo on his arm continued on his shoulder and on his chest. He had actually several different tattoos, but what caught my attention were a couple of stars he had on his knees. I knew what that meant and the way our glares crossed, he guessed my thoughts. The guy smirked like a wolf and then snorted.

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