Ch. 17

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“Shane, have you got everything with you for school?” I peeked at him and saw how he tried to mask his apprehension and tension.

“Yep, got everything.” He threw the bag behind his back and shook his head.

“Why don’t you leave some clothes here?” I asked, wanting to see how he would react to that. I haven’t given up to the idea of bringing Shane here with me; I simply didn’t push it further for the moment.

“Won’t that be an annoyance for you?” He studied my face with his beautiful liquid eyes and I couldn’t help my smile. I shook my head; this brat really went under my skin.

“What annoyance would that be? No-sense, brat. You’ll come over again this week, thus I don’t see why you should keep bringing a bag with you all the time.”

“Right, but some need to be washed...”

“Shane, just leave the damn clothes there, for crying out loud. You’re driving me insane.” I groaned and looked at the ceiling. How stubborn and diffident could be this brat? “Fiona will take care of them.”

“And who the hell is Fiona?” He fired, his eyes darkening for a brief but intense moment.

I smirked, Shane really was jealous and I loved that; it inflated so much my old self and made me feel once again the king of the court. Shane had really a powerful effect on me and I wasn’t sure he realized the extent of that. In just a week he kicked back my whining and pathetic self.

“Fiona is a lady that comes here twice a week and does the cleaning and all the main cores I cannot stand to do. I do like to live in a nice and clean place and she is very good at that.” I explained.

“Why I haven’t met her so far?”

“Because she comes only when none is at home; I don’t exactly fancy and enjoy spending half an hour talking about weather, rain and tea. I don’t even drink tea.” I softly scoffed at the idea.

Shane burst out laughing in a spontaneous and carefree sound, it was heart-warming and I felt a huge smile growing on my face. My hand instinctively went to ruffle his messy hair and lingered on the side of his face; our eyes stared at each other for a moment and my mouth claimed his lips for a soft kiss.

“So that’s why everything is bloody clean and tidy.” He joked, brushing his nose on mine. “You’re quite a lazy ass, aren’t you?”

“Why? You enjoy dusting, ironing and all those damn annoying things?” I retorted back. He shook his head and grinned wider. Brat. I checked the time and we had to leave for school and work. “C’mon, Shane, we have to go.”

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