Ch. 5

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Few days passed since that afternoon, when I met that brat, guy ... Shane. And since that damn afternoon his eyes and his provocative smirk taunted me to the point it was really getting pathetic and frustrating.

I mean, a mature man of nearly 30 years has let a young guy, a brat in my eyes, get under his skin and attract his attention to the point he saw his jaded blue liquid eyes everywhere. That gotta be a joke, a really bad and lame joke.

Alice asked me if I were fine and if anything had happened, because she perceived my annoyance and restlessness, my being evasive and probably more arid and empty than before. I simply told her my mood was swinging and I felt a utter jerk for telling my sweet sister something like that, since she began to worry and ask me more questions, concerned about me and my status. She didn’t tell me, but I knew she feared I could slip again, even if she believed in me and trusted me with her heart, I knew she was scared deep inside about that.

And how could I blame her? I couldn’t.

She was right, I was a weak and pathetic human being, that had to run away from everything to not crush under the weight of my problems and weaknesses.

I really was pathetic, wasn’t I?

As soon as something bothered me or scared me or in some way threatened to destabilize my feeble and wretched routine of life, I knew nothing better than run away to avoid to face anything for the matter. Let’s face it, I turned out to be a damn coward. My brother Jamie had plenty reasons to hate me and talk shit about me. Who was I to say he was wrong? Who? Nobody. Just a pathetic excuse of male human species.

That brat, Shane, had much more in his eyes, I could see it, they were alive, burning, proud, strong and angry. Yeah, I saw anger in his eyes, deep and dark and powerful anger, which I could sense it also in his voice. Why I was still calling him a brat? I was the brat here, not him, not Shane.

No idea what could trigger such anger and resentment and cocky pride in that guy, I knew nothing about him, but sure must be something and something not common.


I sighed.

Here we go again, thinking about him and his fierce and challenging glare. Snap out of it, will you?

I shook my head and then blew in the whistle, remembering I was in school, during some Gaelic football game, between my class and another, and that one of the student had just committed a major fault. Goodness, I had been forced to play the part of the referee, even though I knew shit about this game.

The game resumed and I resumed my stupid stance and tried to pay more attention, faking some interest. I preferred rugby and soccer, at least I knew by heart the rules. They kept playing at the limit of fair, always trying to kick each other shin or something else, they were particular agitated today and in a really bad mood. I couldn’t get the reason, it was a simple stupid game between two classes of the same school. Argh. Whatever, pointless trying to understand. I had to stop the match other two times and I was getting beyond annoyance.

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