Ch. 15 (Part 1)

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Here Shane and Emmett are going to Galway, but I didn't want to rush the chapter and moment and so decided to describe it well and to take my time in that...

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I woke up before the alarm, which was strange considering last night we went to sleep quite late. Shane was curled beside me, grabbing my waist with one arm and leaning his head on my side, as if he were a sweet puppy. I couldn’t say he looked cute, because the word cute didn’t apply properly to Shane; Shane was sensual and very intriguing. And had a very strong and proud attitude, which I was appreciating more and more. It was still incredible in my head what he told me last night, it still gave me the feeling I had only been watching a movie, a horrible and wrong movie, and not listening to his past. But it wasn’t a damn movie, it was what really happened to him. I sighed to suppress a growl of anger.

Since when did I become this protective?

I had always claimed my right and possession on what was mine, because of my attitude and my character, but never actually been genuinely protective. Because I wouldn’t tolerate something slipping my control and try to foul me. Now, I was being protective in an honest way. Since when I had that in me? It was the idea of wanting to give a break and some good time to Shane that led me to ask him out for the weekend. It was out of the need to protect him and give him something.

I sighed another time and shook my head. This brat was really messing with me and strangely enough, I was realizing little by little that I didn’t mind it.

I turned off the alarm, to not wake him up and sneaked in my bathroom. After a waking and warm shower, I made some coffee and set the table for breakfast; Shane was still sleeping, but I had to wake him up before leaving. I wanted to make sure he would call Enna; I knew if he didn’t, that guy would freak out and worry about him. I really like that Enna guy, he had a very soothing and gentle air around him and he indeed looked like some ethereal being. No wonder Shane was that attached to him and no wonder he was attached as well to that arrogant bastard. I snorted at his thought, but I had to admit, to my great and burning annoyance, that he was right to say what he said.

On the table, I left bread, butter, jam, cheese and ham. Some cereal as well. Not sure what he preferred for breakfast, but given his appetite, I guessed everything was fine. I looked at my blurred reflection on the fridge. I chuckled. I mean, here I was setting a table for breakfast for that brat. I shook my head and walked to the bedroom. Shane was still sleeping; I noticed his hand was now grabbing my pillow.

I smiled.


“Shane.” I called, sitting beside him and trying to take away the pillow. “Shane, I have to go... wake up.”

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