Ch. 22

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Shane opened the door with his key and I didn’t miss the smile on his face in doing that. He probably didn’t miss the smile on my face looking at him. We had lunch at Enna’s place and my head was about to crack open in two; the rain outside didn’t help it. That incredibly loud skinny-doll was there and I’m telling you, she is damn loud one. I had to tell her to refrain from hugging and kissing, because that was out of question and didn’t quite like the freedom she took with my man, but I knew they were like family, so tried to ignore it. Yes, tried to.

Leaving the shoes at the entrance, we walked straight to the bathroom and went for a shower. The wonderful Irish weather just struck right when we reached an outdoor basketball court and tried to teach him the correct way to shoot a basket. Cold and heavy rain poured down on us and we just ran away, me cursing at the damn sudden shower and Shane laughing and liking it.

Now the drenched clothes were scattered on the floor and soon the temperature of my body reached a boiling stage, completely forgetting the rain.

My brat was there, stark naked and rain-soaked hair brushed back, his eyes more liquid than usual, more smouldering than usual, more provoking that usual. He smirked and turned his back to me, took a couple of sensual steps to the shower and turned on the hot water. I followed his actions without missing a thing, my entire body and mind now shouting crazy. Yeah, my mind.

Since I took the firm and final decision of taking Shane here with me and of asking him to be my man, my mind had shut up for good and no more snarled at me what a pathetic man I was, in what a fucking mess I was getting myself into. Not a damn word anymore. It was concentrated on the brat and only on him, in complete accord with my body. No more division between instinct and rationality, past and present; they had fused together.

“You know Em, I am cold...” That dark light danced in his eyes and kick started me. His head tilted to the side and his lips smirked only on one side.

“And I am hot.” I simply said, enjoying the reaction on his face and body.

I covered quickly the distance between us and yanked him in my arms, for a moment just staring at his eyes. Slowly stroking his side, my gaze kept locked with his, unable to let it go and unable to do anything else; even though desire and lust were howling in my head and mounting my back, my eyes weren’t able to move away from his and I wasn’t able to do anything else. God, Shane was beautiful at a devastating point and his eyes...I loved his eyes, loved when they smiled and when they provoked me. The water was distantly cascading in the shower, but didn’t care for that. I simply wanted to stay here and look at him, caressing his body and feeling his hands on me.

He narrowed his gaze and slipped his fingers on my face, pulling it down. I smiled and met his lips with mine. They were so velvety and warm, so obliging to me and ready to let me invade his mouth, but right now I wanted to keep looking at him and his gorgeous face. I don’t know what was this now, but couldn’t do anything else. He chewed the lip inside and studied me with a questioning expression and his hands held firm my face. The warmth of his skin irradiated to mine and a shiver ran down my body. I loved his touch and I loved how easily it would drive me out of mind.

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