Ch. 12

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When we went back to Emmett's place, he kept sort of quiet and silent, as if he was lost in some far away thoughts. I tried to talk to him, but he would only answer in bloody irritating monosyllabic words, so I mentally cursed him and dropped dead silent, too.

Fecking hell, I mean, he told me he would make me bloody pay for what I've done to him at dinner and I was fucking looking forward to it, bloody hell, I honestly wanted him so much, but I already jumped him a couple of times and now I felt wanting to be chased and desired.

What a bloody strange lad was Emmett, his mood swings were the most bloody difficult part of him, because they came like nothing, changed him to his dull self or to his scary and arrogant other self and then just leave. My goodness, they gave me massive headache trying to figure out something out of it. And now, here we were, sitting on his couch, just zapping TV and him completely silent like a bloody mummy.

I knew it.

I so fecking knew it that he would change his mind about my staying here and now he was already regretting it. I could almost bet me bollocks on that. Ok, almost, I do care for me bollocks. But why the bloody hell was he that silent and lost somewhere I couldn't reach? What the fuck was on TV, by the way? I gave a peek and there it was, basketball. NBA basketball, two teams I didn't recognise at first.

I shook my head annoyed and headed to bed, just munching a chewed and irritated goodnight. I didn't want to sound too pissed off and cocky, but hell, I was damn pissed at the moment.

I wanted the arrogant, scary bastard, loving to be in charge and hot Emmett.

I fecking liked that Emmett, because he made me feel wanted, desired, sexy, hot, taken care of. And even if he was a bit scaring, I knew he wouldn't do anything bad to me. Well, I darn hoped so.

"Night, going to sleep sham." I chewed out, getting up from there and heading for the bathroom.

He barely acknowledged my presence and voice. The squeaking of the shoes on the basket court and the bouncing of the ball echoed in the room, the cheers and shouts filled the air with the whistles of the referee. I shot him another look. He was gone far away; where, I had no bloody idea.

Bloody annoying tool.

"Sure." He simply replied, his voice miles far away.

I took a shower, not caring to ask him for that. He just bloody took me here, so he better let me take as many showers as I wanted. Brushed my teeth and then just dropped my tired body in bed. His bed was really comfortable, it was soft, big and smelled really good. It smelled of him and of fresh sheets. I snatched his pillow and curled around it, wanting to feel something of that tool close to me.

Emmett was so different from dinner.

What the hell happened? He got a text while we drove back to his place and suddenly he changed into that fecking dull and dry self.

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