Ch. 7

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Here is chapter 7, I am happy I uploaded today, which is only Wednesday....sort of impressive, but it means I have now to go back to my studies.

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I knew he had a hot and muscular body, you could tell it just by looking at him. Even with his clothes on. However, I didn’t think it was that bloody hot and sexy. When he stripped and took off his t-shirt, I saw the muscles of his back and arms flexing and twisting in such an inviting way that I simply stared at him not giving half bollocks.

Emmett felt my gaze on him, I could tell from the way he moved around and from the way our eyes exchanged a quick and full look. He felt it on him, because I was bloody staring him.

Didn’t give a damn about it, though. Had to see him, had to enjoy the view. And it was a fucking hot view.

Emmett felt it again, my gaze, bloody hell, he did it, but this time simply pretended to not. That was something that bloody annoyed me about him.

He seemed a bit of a coward to me, someone that runs away easy and afraid of facing arse and issues, I don’t know, it was strange. Good thing he offered a shower, me balls were damn freezing and needed to stay a minute alone, to think.

I took a decision and whatever.

I wanted that man;

I wanted Emmett.

I felt that if I were to give up he would slip away and I would lose him for good. Was there anyway anything to lose here? Not yet.

When he showered, I sipped from his cup on purpose and had a look around.

No particular signs of girls living here, girlfriend or even wife. He didn’t have a ring, not that it really matters or mean anything. Emmett had the typical look of the solitary and lonely man, who enjoyed his loneliness. And, I think he enjoyed as well a bloody pathetic self-commiseration, given how sometimes he looked. Well, I was about to break it, if you know what I mean.

My gaze and observing him seemed to unnerve him; amn’t a dense lad, I see and feel things around me. So what? I kept staring at him and following every single step he took around the apartment, which was a very nice and clean apartment. If you lived with my uncle and auntie-fish-fingers-queen, you would understand what I mean.

He kept quiet and asked if I was hungry and wanted some pasta. Whatever, couldn’t care less about food right now. He was probably nervous or, more likely, he wanted to distract himself from me and push me away.

Too late, sham.

I decided it was time to act.


We kept watching the game in silence, I wanted to ask him millions of things, but he had somehow shut himself in. Once he began to watch that fecking game, his eyes dulled and flew somewhere bloody far away, away from me.

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