Ch. 26

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Hello dear all :-) A big apology for making you wait over two weeks for an update of our ESHMETT, Emmett+Shane, but had little time.

This is NOT the epilogue, but the last chapter before the epilogue..and many things will happen in here and hope very much you like it, so please let me know with you lovely comments! A huge thank you for your comments, messages and vote: you're incredible fans and readers and the support and affection you show to me is priceless! THANK YOU!

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I collected the books, i-pad, notes and some other papers and stuffed everything in my back-pack and then darted out of the class, almost slamming against a pair of classmates that were taking their fecking time in simply chit-chatting right in front of the door. C’mon, move, going to be late otherwise and today I had to hurry home and make sure everything was perfect. I had actually just finished an exam and believe it went grand, given I knew every question and when it was asked to solve the problems it seem fairly easy. Hope so, because every time I went back home with a striking grade, Emmett would be overly happy and decide to spoil me the entire weekend. It was my third year of college and with my fourth and last year of college, my Bachelor Honour Degree would be completed; I chuckled and thought tonight it was me going to spoil him, since it was his birthday.

“Hey Shane, how did it go? I had no idea how to solve the third problem, but everything else was grand, at least I hope so.” A classmate of mine named Aoife saw me trying to dodge two girls standing right in front of me and waved at me; she was a nice girl and just have a bloody guess. She was Sean’s girlfriend.

“Hiya Aoife, I think it was grand and the problem wasn’t so complicated, but it took me a moment to realize which formula and theorem were required.” I checked the time on the phone and she smiled widely.

“Don’t tell me you are in a hurry to see that hot boyfriend of yours..”

“Totally going to tell Sean about this.” I teased her and she simply shrugged her shoulders.

“Just admit you’re jealous, twat and that’d be easier. My baby knows what I think of your sweetheart: he is bloody hot.” I snorted at her comment, but then laughed. It was the normal reaction among girls and you have no idea the fecking fuss he stirred the times he came to the campus and decided to have lunch with me at the cafeteria. “But bet he is even more jealous and possessive.” She winked and I rolled my eyes.

She was right, though. In that my man hasn’t changed one bit: whenever he was around here and a girl eyed me, according to him anyway, he would wrapped an arm around me quite tightly or slip a hand in my back jeans pocket. Tool, he liked to provoke me around people, but about that I was even worse and he loved that, because it gave me a pretext to some mind-blowing pay-back; pay-back that I bloody loved, if you know what I mean. As you can understand, nothing has much changed between us. Probably what slightly transformed was my accepting his taking care of me and spoiling me; Emmett loved that and after a long while and after few arguments, which we clarified and ended in our bedroom, I came to realize it was good to be spoilt sometimes. But, it had to be the other way round and he finally let me do it.

“Yeah well, he’s even more jealous and possessive, so..” I smirked at her and then cursed, realizing I was wasting fecking time here chit-chatting while I had a dinner to take care of. “Sorry, gotta go now. Today it’s his birthday and our friends are coming over.”

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