chapter -30

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|After an year|

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|After an year|

Years after his reign began, Yuhaan stands tall and majestic as the Sultan of Sultanate. His eyes carry the weight of responsibility, a stark contrast to the arrogant youth he once was.
Everything seems to sail smoothly except something which he had done in the past.
As he gazes out at his court, his heart sinks with regret.

Yuhaan retreats to a secret chamber, where he keeps a portrait of two beautiful women: Suhani, his first wife on the left and Daarika, his second wife on the right.
The memory of their past torments him. Driven by youthful pride and insecurity, he had treated Daarika with cruel indifference.

Yuhaan gazed upon the portrait on the left, It is his deceased first wife, Suhani, who tragically passed away many years ago.

As Yuhaan studies the painting, he feels a strange presence. It's as if Suhani is there with him, her sharp eyes piercing through time and space. A voice, soft as the rustling of leaves, seems to whisper in his ear.

'' You must apologize, my love," Suhani's voice echoes. ''You treated her harshly...unfairly.'"

Confused and bewildered, Yuhaan realizes that Suhani is referring to his current wife, Daarika. Guilt and remorse wash over him. For years, he had been resentful toward Daarika, blaming her for the death which she had never caused.

"Suhani, my dearest... I'm lost. I regret what I did to my second wife, but I can't turn back time. I don't know what to do." Yuhaan murmured as guilt remorsed him for the past one whole year.

"Yuhaan, my heart aches for you. You made a mistake, but you can still make amends." suhani said in her ethereal voice.

"How? I can't just erase what I've done."

"You can start by acknowledging your past actions and speaking your truth. Apologize to her. Seek her forgiveness." Suhani said

"But what if she doesn't accept my apology?"

"You must be prepared for that possibility. However, by owning up to your actions, you take a step towards healing and redemption. If she chooses not to forgive you, that is her choice." Suhani muttered

"But I... I can't bear the thought of losing her." Yuhaan said in a doubtful remorse.

"You may not lose her, Yuhaan. She may choose to forgive you and give you a second chance. But even if she doesn't, you will have made peace with your past and gained a sense of closure." Suhani adviced.

"You're right, Suhani. I need to apologize to her."

"Then do it, my love. Don't wait another moment." Suhani said and paused for a moment.

"Don't forget one thing my love, don't let her go away....... just like me" as Yuhaan heard these words he opened his eyes and searched everywhere and then the voice stopped.

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