chapter -1

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"my lord

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"my lord......t-the b-bride ran away!!!" Someone yelled.

Soon the silent and happy environment started to change into a tensed and everyone started gossiping.

"WHAT!! " The bridegroom and the king, Chandra Shekhar yelled.

Chandra Shekhar stood up from his seat and asked him

"What do you mean by she ran off??? Where is my daughter??" He yelled at the poor guard who lowered his head down and spoke.

"My maid saw princess running away from here with a man and .....w-we f-found this in her r-room" he said handing over a small peice of paper.

Impatiently, Chandra Shekhar took it from his hand and read it.

His hands began to Shake once he completed reading it.

He looked towards the bridegroom who was enraged in anger.

"Y-yuhaan......" He called him with trembling voice.

"What's all this Chandra Shekhar??? Are you trying to humiliate me and my country?" He roared.

"We dare not to humiliate the great sultanate......but.......p-please see this" Chandra Shekhar said handing over the peice of paper to Yuhaan.

He read it and laughed.

He read it aloud

Papa, i don't want to marry the king of sultanate.
I love someone else and I can't remember my life without him............

If I marry the king of sultanate then I would be betraying my love for him so, i am leaving this palace with my love. Please don't search for us or you will only find my dead corpse. From today I am not the princess of Hind kingdom but a commoner. Sorry if I hurted you

I am sorry papa


Everyone started gossiping hearing that Sarika ran away with her lover.

"What's the meaning of this Chandra Shekhar??? If your daughter love someone then why did you agree to get her married with me?" Yuhaan asked.

Chandra Shekhar doesn't know what to answer him.

"I d-don't know that s-she love s-someone.....please forgive us y-yuhaan" Chandra Shekhar said with his head low in embrassment.

Yuhaan took a deep sigh before saying something which shook Chandra Shekhar to the core.

"If i didn't marry your daughter then.....surely there will be a war between sultanate and hind and I can't be blamed for that, only you and your's a great humiliation for the king of sultanate" he said and turned around to leave but halted his steps when Chandra Shekhar spoke

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